The End?

the christmas season

best served with rhyme

tells of mary and joseph

and finals time

the happiest among us

have time to go shopping

but students we are

and to bed we are flopping

but today i am

among the happiest of all

only 1 week and no tests

before i’m home for the long haul

my projects are donish

and my finals were canceled

it’s my last week at placement

and I’m sure to be trampled

by mixed feelings of sorrow

and joy yet too

to be leaving my kiddos

oh what can I do?

on one hand they are

much to crazy to love

and on the other

they’re something I’m never sick of

I wish I could share

All the things I have learned

But to sum it all up

Love is easy to earn

so in this semester

I have one last shebang

One last week to remember

One last week at xxx (for privacy reasons and due to lack of creativity this poem has been cut short and the name of my school omitted)

A little bit how I’m feeling about leaving my placement this week.  (Basically. I’m the saddest looking happy bear around.)


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