Home for Christmas

I know. You were dying to know how my last week of school went. and how I felt about being home.  And then I went and posted a day late. Mercyme!

Just kidding. You probably didn’t even realize that I post every Sunday.  But I do. And missing a day of posting, even if I have nothing to say, makes me feel… incomplete. Like my to-do list isn’t done?  Idk. We could psychoanalyze this if we want (I often wonder to myself why I have a blog anyways.  Talk about TMI to the world.) But.  That’s not what this post is about.


This post is about (as previously stated) my last week in NYC for the year and my first few days home.

Part 1?

My last week at school was much what I expected it to be.  I thought I would be sadder- but I was too happy about going home for break. And being done w/ the drama that is my school some days.  But hugging all my friends and kids goodbye is a rather sad thing.  My friends, of course, I will see again.  But it’s my kids I’m not sure about.  I have a new placement in the spring.  And I hope I get to see them again.  But I’m not so good at telling the future.

But they were adorable last week. We had parties in speech group.  I made them cookies and they liked them. We played games and had fun. They sang a “we will miss you so much” song and asked if I will work there when I graduate.  I had conversations about my favorite colors and was screamed at with the words “I LOVE YOU!” I got kids jumping out from under tables and homemade cards.  I got “visit us” and “keep in touch.”  And I realized, again, what a special thing it is to teach.

I mean.  I’m not a regular teacher.  I know very little about a lot of things.  But I know a lot about speech and language and social skills.  Which, interestingly enough, you need in order to access and express everything you learn and know.  And so.  I get to teach after all.  I teach very specific things.  But sometimes.  What I teach is life changing.   I think teaching, regardless of what you teach, is about empowering kids to be and do their best.  And I’ve decided I like it.

Part 2?

So.  When the sad, sappy of the week was over I packed my bags and boarded a plane to the midwest.  On this trip I tried my very best to fly to South Bend, as it is much closer than Chicago and saves my airport pick up team some time.  Well.  Apparently, in South Bend it was too foggy to land airplanes.  Now.  Being the independent adult that I am, I was perfectly able to locate my luggage, make a decision, and ride a bus (rather than a plane) to South Bend.  Which I did quiet successfully I might add.  Even with my phone dying.  But to be honest.  There were a few moments when I thought to myself “I JUST WANT TO BE HOME. WAHHHHH!!!”

On the plus side.  I had an incredibly interesting and challenging conversation with the lady next to me on the bus.  About spiritual things of course.  And I realized that riding buses instead of planes wasn’t so bad after all.

The next day was not without it’s drama either.  I only called 3 airlines to make sure my return flights would not be canceled.  And discovered lotion had exploded in my suitcase.  And my debt card was part of the Target security breach catastrophe and I needed to go to the bank to get a new one.

So. It was a rough start to arriving at home.  Not the end of the world.  But not a party either.

Part 3?

Which leads me here. To the realization that it all doesn’t really matter.  I’m home.  And I’m happy about that.  I don’t have homework.  I don’t have lesson planning or studying or even cooking to do.  Instead I have friends and family and Christmas to prepare for. And when you have time, inconvenient things aren’t so inconvenient anymore.  It’s all about perspective.

p.s. Merry Christmas friends!

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