It’s Official

It’s officially spring. Well. Maybe not. But I did see an ice cream truck and a tourist bus this week.  Sounds like spring to me.

It’s also officially ‘midterm season.’ Meaning, school is a full time job where I put in hours every single day.  Hurray…………

Also.  I’ve officially been living in New York City for 6 months! This seems unreal to me.  And makes me wonder if I’ve changed at all.  And I think I’ve learned so much since moving here and it’s probably impossible for me to have not changed.  But then, by that standard everyone has probably changed some in the last 6 months.

I think the thing that is the ‘most different’ between me today and me 6 months ago was how I thought life/ the world worked.

1. I have learned more about cultures since moving here.

For example.  I have known all my life about Judaism.  I have know about the Old Testament.  About the promises that God made to Moses.  But since moving to New York I have discovered that I didn’t really know anything about their culture.

scenario 1: I was observing a client last semester around Christmas time.  or. Hanukkah. And the client and clinician were making Hanukkah cards together in therapy.  And the boy chose blue paper for his card.  “Blue for Hanukkah,” the clinician said.  “No, blue is a Jewish color,” the boy said.  And then he wrote “Happy Hanukkah” on the cover and “I hope you eat lot of things fried in oil,” on the inside.

And I realized that I didn’t know every much about Jewish culture.  I don’t know what it would be like to feel a religious association to a color. I don’t know what it would be like to anticipate oil fried food instead of homemade chocolates in December.  And I thought it was interesting.

scenario 2: Did you know that there is a group (a large group) of conservative Jewish women who wear wigs?  Because their hair is their glory and is only to be seen by their husbands.  So, when they get married they all wear shoulder length brown haired wigs.  All the wigs have bangs.  And they often wear hats propped on the back of their heads.  And knee length black skirts.  And maybe even a black sweater.  They have nice jewelry, maybe pearl earrings.  And they wear black shoes and old fashioned ‘hose’ w/ a line down the back of their legs.  I think they look like Princess Diana.  Always very dressed up.  And once you know this, you know when you see them.  And since people sometimes ask me if I am Jewish I am very conscious about wearing knee length black skirts and black shoes now.

And I never would have thought of that before.

2. I lave learned more about living independently, on my own, and being okay with it.

Well. Mostly okay with it.  Sometimes it’s boring. But I wouldn’t trade it.  I like buying my own groceries and going to the laundry mat and basically, being a grown up.  I’m 24.  I think it’s okay that I’m finally growing up. 🙂

3. And I have learned how to be a grad school student.

Grad school is different than undergrad.  We have more homework.  We actually need to know the stuff we a learning.  Our professors are horrible at giving us our grades back and it seems like they don’t really matter, like it’s more important to learn than to perform on a test.  Which is nice because I don’t worry about my grades.  But it takes more work to learn something for life than to learn something for a test. And so I spend basically all my time Monday through Friday either commuting or in class or working on something for class. Because I’ve learned that’s what I have to do to learn.

And so there.  That is my synapses of my last 6 months of growing up.

Which leads me to my next…. announcement?

This is officially my first, last, and only post for the month of March.  Don’t worry, I will be back in April.  But with midterms and visitors this month I think 6 months of weekly blogging should allow for a month-long posting hiatus.  So. I just wanted to give you a heads up.  So that if you miss me you will think to call me.  Or facebook me.  Or visit me. Or wait patiently till April. Or stop reading my blog all-together.  It really is up to you.

In the mean time,

Happy Day Light Savings Time

Happy First Day of Spring

Happy Spring Break

Happy Good Friday

Happy Easther

Happy March