A new normal: building and avoiding it, all at once.

Labor day weekend, 2012, I moved from rural Indiana to Brooklyn, New York.  Four years later and I’m 3 hours from that old home, trading sky scrapers for silos and cockroaches for beetles and moths and cicadas and ticks (ahh, so many bugs here!).  It has been quite the adjustment, to be honest.  Pennsylvania is nothing like Brooklyn, and also not very much like Indiana or Honduras or anywhere I have ever lived.  So I’m learning new things.  Like how to drive on curvy roads, understand Puerto Rican Spanish (which all my kiddos speak), and how to make friends again.  From what all the professionals have told me, it’ll take a while for this to feel like home.  So, in the mean time I’ve been keeping busy.

I went home to Indiana for my baby sister’s wedding.  It was a beautiful day and, according to the flower girl, Briana was a princess.

I began my new job and the never-ending search for therapy materials.  I work with preschoolers now.  And I travel between (so far) 6 locations.  That means a lot of toys have to stay organized in my trunk.  So glad I insisted on a hatchback!

I’ve also been hosting people- one of which was my friend Allison.  If you are here more than 1 night, I will not know what to do with you in my little town and will probably plan trips for us to my closest cities.  Also, I love and miss cities, so having friends here is a good excuse to visit them.

First stop was Baltimore.  We visited these pretty painted Victorians in Charles Village where we also got our morning coffee.

We did a drive by of the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon.

And we went to the Inner Harbor, for the National Aquarium (where I got to pet a jelly fish!) and roaming the boardwalk.  We got Shake Shack for lunch, because we can.

After church the next day we headed to Philadelphia.  Allison is a speedy tourist and we raced our way from a Reading Terminal Market lunch and old town walk through history to hang out at the pier for a while to speculate about passer-byes.  On an unrelated note, since moving to PA I seem to have a chronic eye infection situation that requires me to wear my glasses.  Oh bother.

We ended the day, and our weekend of adventuring, in this spectacular coffee shop, sipping drinks, munching cookies, and reading books.  Ahhh, that’s the life!

P.S. Sometimes Allison is a goof. 🙂

p.p.s. My blog has officially met its photo quotient.  Currently, it has taken to deleting photos from older posts.  Until I figure out how I plan to remedy this situation, see them here- while they last!

Wall art:


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