Anything is Possible

July 9th was moving day.

Before moving day was goodbyes.  Days after days of goodbyes.  My last day of work was June 28th, giving me roughly a week and a half to finish packing up my life – it’s items and heart strings and routines- and prepare to start a new one.

My goodbyes included cakes and dinners and final adventures.  It looked something like this:

{Cakes from co-workers to share.}

{Dinner with our favorite family. (Blurry picture or not,  it deserves to be posted.)}

{Final- big tourist adventure- New York 4th of July Fireworks.  Definitely a long day event. We arrived around 4:30? to get a seat for the 9:30 show.}

The security line.

My adventurous friends.

The view

Yeah, we got rained on.  But how do you decide when to leave when you’ve been waiting so long???

The fireworks were pretty cool too!

But the wait to get into the train station was no joke!

{One. Last. Laundromat visit.}

{One last walk through the financial district.}


{And a snapshot of a sleeping stranger.  Iconic New York life for me.}

And then it was July 10th, and I was moved.

My hellos looked something like this (and included painting and unpacking and learning to drive on curvy roads):


And suddenly I didn’t know anyone, or any of the places I was driving, or half the social rules of these people.  So many days I feel lost.  And homesick for my city.  But I’m reminded that God is big enough for change.

And the grass is green here, and that helps some days too.

Also, eating take out Chinese and driving through hilly “cities” to church reminds me that I don’t have to leave everything I love behind just to move forward.