The Crazy that is My Life

At one point this week I took a moment to look around.  On my right sat a child swinging his arms and legs in the most peculiar fashion.  It appeared as if he was involved in some dramatic racing game in his mind and his extremities wanted to participate.  On my left sat another child, snaking and slithering his arms through his shirt, pulling the sleeves over the ends of his hands to chew on them.  We were playing a game of Chomp.  He told me “1. 2. 3. Flip your card over. Okay. You win. Pick up all the cards.  Flip them upside down on the bottom on your deck.” Every round. Even though we had all played the game before.  And as I waited for this dear child to count us off again I took a look around and thought, “Where am I?”

On Tuesday one child bit three different teachers in the span of 15 minutes.  Another slapped a teacher, kicked a hole in the wall, and got a visit from four police officers.

On Wednesday one child sat, feverishly making tallies and squiggles on his clipboard.  We later learned that this was his system for tracking the ”good” and “bad” behaviors of his classmates.  However, he would periodically stand up, run around the room, scream, and fall down.  I looked at him oddly and thought, “Maybe he’s possessed?”   Meanwhile. Other children in his class also stood up and fell down, crumbling at the knees.  One child spun in circles on her hands and knees.  And the teacher said, “How am I supposed to teach science like this?”

On Thursday I went to pick up my first child for his session.  Oh.  They got a last minute invite to the White House for Hanukkah.  This is the child who has also missed sessions for 1. Halloween in the Hamptons. 2. A week trip to Paris.

And, after a particularly tough kiddo at the end of the day on Thursday my supervisor asked me, “How do you do it?”

I said. I know this is kinda weird or whatever, but I believe the good in me is only from God.  And it’s my relationship with Him that makes me sane through this whole thing.

She said. You tap into that right here? motioning to the therapy table.

Sometimes yes, I pray on the spot when I’m working with a kid.  But sometimes I pray beforehand, and God gives me the grace to deal.

And I was reminded again how wonderful it is to have God in my life.  Something that I can tap into right there.  I’d say that’s really one of my top 5 reasons I’m a Christian.  Because Christ in my life makes my life manageable.  Especially when I don’t think I can manage.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”   – 2 Corinthians 12:9

Also this week.

Filming occurred on campus



I had Chipotle for lunch



And, per request- took pictures of our living room. To give proper credit to my dad. And. Because people asked for them so. Here they are. (yes. we know. we need to put stuff on our walls. just give us a chance.)

View from the entry way


View of the other side


View of the entry way (on the left) and my bedroom and my roomie’s bedroom (on the right. yes. they are connected. my room is pretty much a hallway) (also. of note. the hallway- the actual one on the left- is now purple!)


2 thoughts on “The Crazy that is My Life

  1. Hey hey, me again. I just wanted to say thanks for those last few pics. I love the grey. I like that it’s a darker shade. I wish I could see the purple better but I love that combination especially since the living room has purple drapes. That seems to tie everything together nicely.
    Your job/internship/whatever is crazy! What great lessons you are learning and what famous people you must work for/with. Not jealous of it but oh I’d love to shadow you for a day.

    • 🙂 I’m glad you like our living room. Don’t worry. you weren’t the only one to request a better picture.

      and yes. my internship is crazy. but i think i’m kind of misleading b/c i actually love it and will miss my kids when i’m done next week. isn’t it funny how that stuff works? 🙂

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