Goodbye to My Early 20s

Welp.  It’s happened.  The era that I thought would be the majority of my life has passed.  But I’m still clinging to my mid 20s with vigor.

To mark this momentous occasion I … did what everyone else does when they turn 26 on a week day and have student loans to pay- I went to work.  Parent teacher conferences and all.  And celebrated on the weekends like the grown up I am.

Now, it is traditionally my policy not to celebrate my birthday until after it’s past.  But the Saturday before my birthday I came home from the laundromat to find my mother and friend Betsy in my foyer.  I was so surprised all I could do was moan, “ohhhh. you guys!” Yup.  That’s on film somewhere.  And it took me the whole day to wrap my head around it.  I’m obviously great at transitioning.  haha

But.  Due to this- shall we say- UNEXPECTED surprise my pre-birthday weekend turn out to be much more adventurous than planned.  It included things like- shopping, cleaning my house, rearranging my room, making cinnamon rolls and bread, church, sight seeing, games of blitz, and a broadway.  My guests stayed for 5 whole days and it was very pleasant.  See?

The cinnamon roll maker.


My only group pic. IMG_20141110_171634717a

Betsy liked Times Square better than she thought she would.  Luckily for her- it was half empty on a Monday night.


She got some cake boss cake.  Pretty good I think.


The new shopping center and public space attached to the Fulton Street train stop near the Freedom Tower.  We stumbled upon it and I was so impressed I took a picture. 🙂


Trinity church as seen from the graveyard.


Grand Central.  Betsy thought it was very tall. 🙂


Central park in the fall. ❤  Also, a great place to get waffles and dinges from the waffle cart.  Just sayin.


Honestly, I’m not sure I ever expected this lady to make it my way.  But, oh, am I glad she did! 🙂IMG_20141111_154402485_HDRa IMG_20141111_155004624_HDRa

Yes. I got this picture with my phone. (and only a few twerks on photoshop). I love it. IMG_20141111_155300698_HDRa

When I turned 23 I had this song on my ipod that started with, “Look at me, I’m 23,” which I claimed as my theme song for the year.  And when I see pictures of myself I still hear that song in my head…  even if it’s less than accurate these days.


And, lastly, I’m only posting this picture because she said I could.  And because it’s sooo hilarious, Betsy woke to strangers laughing.  Turns out Betsy was wrong, it IS possible to sleep on the train! 🙂IMG_20141111_223121099_HDRa

And, THAT was my very happy pre-birthday weekend.

Then I had my birthday.  Then I celebrated my post birthday weekend.  Which was mostly just on Saturday.  And it included my very first dim sum (if you don’t know what this is, google it) with my friends from grad school and bowling with my friends from church.


I like these people because they remind me that: 1. I still have reasons to love New York. 2. grad school was real. Sometimes I almost think that it wasn’t that hard.  Or that maybe it didn’t happen at all.  But I talk to these girls- and I remember.  The insanity was real.  And I am so blessed to have survived.  Plus, this is my 3rd birthday I’ve celebrated with some of these ladies.  Which makes me feel like I’ve been in New York… forever. 🙂

And finally, a birthday post would not be complete without talking about my mother.  My whole life I’ve shared a birthday with her.  And more than half of her life, she’s shared her birthday with me.  So graciously.  But this year she turned 50.  And, according to her, “You don’t turn 50 everyday.”  Which is true. Which is why I’m posting this following song/poem for her (the rest of you can sing along). 🙂

Happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to my dearest, bestest, youngest mom in the whole wide world!!!

happy birthday to you

I love you mom!

Dear Friend

You are not a disappointment. You are hard to figure out. And uncontrollable at times. But you are you. And that’s why we like you. So please. Don’t really change. I know you want to. I know that we all want to. and I’m sure you could benefit from it.

But the you that’s you. Especially the part of you that is actually Christ.

Don’t ever change it. No matter how frustrated it makes the world.


Take the time you need to make the choices God calls you to. Don’t be afraid to be sarcastic when you need to. To encourage the world as you always do. To cheer for people. And refuse to worry. Even if that means closing us out for a bit.


Who you are is important. It’s part of God’s story. The part where He shows the world how much He loves us. So.

I hope that you are always you. And I hope that we could all be okay with that.