Here’s to another strange thing about moving.

Tomorrow is my last day at work- where I have worked for over four years! 

Side story- feel free to disregard– but a customer came in the other day and said “You’re still here?” “You have worked here forever!” “I used to come in here years ago when I drove the trolly.” The sad thing- she looked so familiar that I didn’t even think about all those years that had passed until she mentioned it.  Just another sign that I’m a little too faithful to my job.

So- in reflection of my commitment to my place of employment (and my family) I decided to make lists (because, yes, I am a list person).

The pros of my job include(d), but are/were not limited to:

1. fair-well gifts and cards and hugs and smiles and silly comments (like- ‘make us proud’) as I leave.  I will miss my customers!

2. working with my friends. specifically Stephie. (no- that’s not her real name- and only I get to call her that). Maybe some of you also have this blessing, but working with your best friend is akin to attending high school as an adult… in that you’re daily routine includes people you love, not just people who tell you what to do. 

3. working with my family. this can also be a con. but as a pro- I can say with certainty- if I didn’t work with my mother I would only know 1/2 as much about my family as I do now. Basically- we are all at work and not at home.. so we have to go to work to be with our family. It’s great- really. 🙂

4. the food! yes, I know- I’m moving to NYC where some of the best food ever is. but at the Baker’s Nook Cafe- it’s free. (to me) and it’s homemade. even if I have to make it.

see? This is our bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

The pros of leaving this job?


1. no more 4:30 am alarm clocks

2. no more watching the sun rise and hearing everyone’s morning voices while I’ve already been up for 2 hours!

3. no more walking in the freezer to get bread dough

4. no more smelling like food all day

5. or chipping my nails

6. or strategically stacking food in my car trunk

7. or working till 6 pm on Friday nights

8. or looonng days in the bakery for special events

(like the apple festival. Sooo glad to be missing out on THIS fun this year. Only 2000 apple dumplings that I don’t have to help with.)

As you can see- my job- although inconvenient at times- is much more worth having than leaving.

Just another thing to miss. (Although I admit, the work itself it is probably the thing I will miss the least.)

suspended anticipation

Today is a thinking day.

I think I’m excited about moving.  I love that I get a highly concentrated amount of time with all the people I love.  I hate that these fun times together are my last with them for months.

insert family photo of our last time out to eat- a candid one at thatImage

now a nice one- yes, we used the self-timer!


how about a good cousin picture too?


Now back to thinking…

I think I’m actually looking forward to learning (in a structured setting) again.  It took me all of summer break but I finally miss learning and the variety of life that education brings.  Plus- I miss talking about “speechie things” (what us speech-language pathologists in the making call all things related to our field- including ourselves- ie. we are speechies and we do speechie things).  I know- these are good conclusions to come to before school starts.  But they are pretty recent, so I thought I’d tell ya’all about them 🙂

I also think I’m excited about living in New York City.  About 87% of the people I talk to would never live in New York.  Some of them say I’m brave.  Some of them look at me like I’m crazy as say, “well.. I could never live there but I think it’s great for you.”  Some people ask me, “Is that safe???”  Some people are excited about my move so they can mooch off my closeness to the city.  Some people (like my sister-in-law) try to scare me.  I guess there is a rumor going around that the city isn’t a very safe place to live…

But some people- they have good words to say.  My current favorite is a quote passed on to me by an older man from church,

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”

So today I’m living in suspended anticipation, waiting for the big adjustment.  My next two weeks are full of bittersweets as I pack and move.  Then my life will be unknowns and things from wildest imaginations.  But they are my experiences, my memories to look forward to, and my important moments.  So I’m sticking with the 13% who say moving is a good idea and deciding- after all this thinking- that I am excited about moving ad learning and city living after all!

Want to know what else I think?  I think “I’m drawing a blank” is a silly phrase.  How do you draw a blank?

I Make No Promises

I am starting a blog.  After an infuriating round of blog-name rejections I do now have a blog. As the name is less than I desired and subject to change I am forced to acknowledge reality.

I can make no promises.

I cannot promise this blog will always have this name.

I cannot promise I will post regularly.

I cannot promise you will find my posts interesting.

But I can claim the desire to post of all things real and seemingly entertaining.

I am moving soon.  From the soybean fields of Indiana to the sky-scapes of New York City.  18 days and I’m gone.

Moving is weird. Change is weird.  And I’m sure the city will be weird sometimes too.  So I thought, “I bet EVERYONE wants to read about all the weirdness I’m facing.” So I started a blog.  And started all my sentences with ‘so.’  So that’s how it went, the conversation in my head.  And this, this is how my first post shall end.

I still have no promises.  But I do now have a blog.  And I anticipate many weird things to write about. So I hope you enjoy it.