Falling For You

Your twenties are such a great time in life to fall in love.  And October is such a great time to fall in love with Fall and small(er) cities.

Now, traditionally I do not like fall (mostly because it screams “WINTER IS COMING” to me for 3 months and makes me sad) and I love New York.  Which, in the past, has meant that I like (but don’t love) smaller cities and well, I don’t like fall really.

But this fall- they won me over- and it just couldn’t be helped.

I started the month with an anticipated trip to Philadelphia.  Now, I’ve been to Philly before. No big deal.

But Shannon just moved there.  And she’s been coaching me with my running this year. (Yes, this year I started running. At the Y. And she’s been telling me how.  Because apparently running isn’t entirely intuitive.)  That said, she and I have been wanting to run a 5k together.  Ideally, a color run since it’s on my 30×30 list.  All of these events and plans collided to a night Color Run (5k) in Philly at the start of October.

My trip to Philly was a little eventful.  Mostly because I booked a sketchy Chinatown bus ticket and they (apparently) don’t reserve seats for their passengers.  Which means that even if you are on time for your bus, you may not get a seat.  And then you may get cattle corralled into getting a post-it note stamped (to serve as a seat reservation ticket) and eventually get soaked in rain between the station door and the bus door and arrive at your destination 2 hours later than planned.  Thankfully I have flexible friends.  And there are still great Ramen places open after 9.


The rest of my trip was full of brunches, walking, a museum, and, well, running!


{The Happiest 5 K on Earth} The color run’s claim to fame.  If you don’t know what a color run is.. google it. 



Philly has all the best brunches.  sigh.

I returned from this adventure feeling quite accomplished (yay! I ran my first race- even if it is untimed) and quite crushing on Philly.  It doesn’t help that Shannon just moved there from Brooklyn and knew all the things to rave about to make me jealous.  (She has a washer and dryer!  She can walk AND drive places.  Philly is a more manageable size- with good places to eat that aren’t so far from your house.  And not so many places to choose from that you just want to give up even trying to decide.)  Plus.  It has trees. And it was just the start of fall.  And well. sigh. It felt like a break from the city.  While still being in the city. And so, I liked it.

But I came home.  Helped a tourist find their way.  And ran into someone I used to work with while walking down a random street.  And I was reminded this skyline is still my home for now.

Home: (n) the place or region where something is native or most common.

My mid-October weeks were spent at home.  Watching fall around me and realizing that October has my favorite color of blue sky and the leaves are just to die for.

And I ended my October with a trip to Boston with Malinda.  For the sake of adventure (and every time we ever sang that VeggieTales song as kids, “And I’ve never been to Boston in the Fall!”)

{We arrived!}

It’s only 4 hours by bus from Chinatown to Chinatown.  Especially when you book with good bus companies that don’t involve pushing and post-its and do involve leather seats.


{We happened upon this lovely book shop.}




{The Boston Common} I’m sorry I’m not sorry about how many fall pictures you are about to see. I went to Boston mostly to see the leaves.  So I mostly have pictures of leaves.  You’re welcome or whatever.








{Mike’s Pastry} Because everyone loves cannolis. And Mike does them best!  Even if our airbnb’s host’s dog ate my left overs without asking.

{Bunker Hill Monument}

Because Malinda is energetic she hiked the 294 steps to the top of the monument.  Because Camille calculated a cost-to-benefit ratio and decided it wasn’t worth it- she didn’t.  Go Malinda!


{The magic hour + ferry ride = harbor love}






After a day walking the Freedom Trail we went to check in at our airbnb.  After discovering our host had guests, we went to check out more of the city.  Nothing like strangers to inspire you to get out of the house.  We decided to visit the Prudential Tower and get a nice view of the city.



{My face when I’m not sure why my camera is taking so long….}




In our visit to the Prudential Tower we watched a little movie about Boston in which we discovered that MIT apparently has a pretty cool building.  We visited it the next morning.





{Then. On to Harvard.}



{The original ivies.}  (Just kidding.)

{We had brunch in the middle of our campus trotting. Because… food!}

See what I mean??? Fall.  I’m obsessed.  And cities small enough to walk and find places to eat.  Oh, just so much to love. That and puns.  I love puns. And Fall is just full of them! win. win. win.

But now. Now it’s November.  My birthday month (horray!) and parent teacher conferences (eh. They’re just okay.).  And just a few more weeks to savor it all before the dreaded winter is upon us!

That said.  Happy fall y’all.

Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite book series growing up, and I'd have to agree with Anne about Octobers.: