What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Writing Voice:

1. Fake it.

Happy New Year!  Oh. End of January, you say?  Sorry I’m not sorry I haven’t posted anything all year yet.  Life is what it is – which has become incredibly routine in the most pleasant of ways, and I just haven’t gotten around to posting.  And, well, I just don’t think I need to apologize for that.

2. Make random comments about your life you think readers may be interested in.

As mentioned, I have reached a predictable stage in life.  One with routines and such pleasantries as well as my share of totally normal days.  A year ago… just a year ago… THIS was my normal vista.  And it did not include many currently enjoyed things like- playing my ukulele, working out, hanging out, not feeling insane.IMG_20140213_111355_332

3. Get very wordy and analytical- Experiment with turning your blog into an open diary of sorts…

Just yesterday, while waltzing along through Williamsburg with a friend (and by waltzing- I mean- winter speed walking with hands in pockets and all coat entrances sealed off from the wind) I came to the realization that I have changed again.

Perceptively, it has occurred to me that this whole concept of ‘place’ and finding a ‘place’ for yourself in the world, is a very fluid event.  I moved to New York nearly two and a half years ago.  And just this winter, while visiting home (Indiana), I realized that I don’t live there anymore.  Surprise.


4. Realize this diary entry is getting very wordy and summarize entire paragraphs with math equations.

In summary

Normal = Indiana < New York.

(In math words- this means- Indiana is now less ‘normal’ than New York.)

5. Consider writing a post about how your perceptions of New York have changed while living here.

Possibilities to include sarcasm, photos, and comedy are eliminated as you come to the realization that this change can be summarized with the statement, “New York is much less exciting now than it was when I arrived.” (Insert clause, “but I still like it.”)

6. Review your ramblings.

Make edits.  Incorporate a list to add comedy.  Lists are always funny- right?

7. Change the topic entirely.  You have some New Years Eve pictures that must be inserted at some point. (Must being a rather subjective term).  Explain.

This is what I did for New Years Eve.  I went with some of my favorite people to the big city of Chicago.  We froze.  We laughed.  We saw a Broadway.

Getting ready to freeze:


Laugh worthy warmth remedy:


The Broadway.  (My third time seeing Cinderella in 2014.  It’s, like, not my favorite anymore.  But still fun to see with people.)

IMG_20141231_184502738  IMG_20141231_185623235

8. End with honesty.

In all sincerity,  I haven’t written because sometimes the words don’t come.  And when life feels too normal and personal to take pictures to splash on the world wide web, I am truly out of blogging material.  I don’t know what this means for my blog.  But I do know that writing is too personal for me to 1. produce it on command or 2. quit writing altogether.  So.  I’m sure it will still be here.  In whatever mysterious form it appears.

9.  Thanks for reading, friends.

10. 🙂