Too Many Things

I have too many things to say but I’m going to say them all.

First, I think it is ironic that I have so many things to say after having nothing to say last week.

Second, this post is going to mostly be a summary of my thoughts through this week, since I am what I  call, “the sharing type,” and just like to tell everyone everything.  But you already knew that about me. 🙂

So here. we. go.

Monday: Was Presidents day.  And my roommate and I discussed the presidents.  How appropriate. 🙂 Did you know that three of the presidents attended Columbia University?  Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt- for law school.  And our President Obama- just for 2 years and then he transferred to Harvard I guess.  So even though I share a soon to be alma mater with these dear presidents I still had to go to school on President’s Day.

But it was okay.  Because.

On my commute I discovered that New York City changed.  Being a holiday it was full of people.  But not just people. Tourists.

There is something safe and normal about my routine.  Part of it is that I share it with so many other people.  We are all part of an understood commuting routine.  But then tourists get on the train.  They look at maps and talk across cars and video dancers and suddenly I feel like part of the exhibit, part of the world they have come to look at.  And it’s weird. and wonderful.  All at once.

Part of the wonderful is 1. the comedy of them and their unawareness 2. the people who show up to entertain them.  On Monday I saw 1. two tattooed dancing men.  on my train. doing back-flips. straight up. no arm back-flips. on a moving train. and they didn’t hit the ceiling or the rails or fall.  i gave them $1. 2. a french clown. complete with a black and white stripped shirt, a red rubber nose, and a sign that said ‘merci’ (thank you in french) 3. steel drum player 4. a 10 year old boy doing a percussion set on a 5 gallon bucket and the subway handle bars to raise money for his own real drum set 5. a man playing an african drum, to a song about the value of african drums in music.

Wednesday: I had therapy.  Meaning, I provided therapy.  I haven’t spoken (yes, out here we say spoke not talked. it tickles my ears so I say it too) about my client very much.  Maybe some day I will?  But, overall, I am learning that I still have lots to learn but I love my field.

Thursday: Was international mother language day.  And we happened to discuss the speech perception abilities of second language learners in my speech perception class.  Did you know that often people speak with an accent because they hear with an accent? (Meaning, the way they say it is how they hear it.)

Also on Thursday.  I ran to the corner store for milk and bananas and was $.29 short.  And the guy behind the counter said, ‘O, just bring it tomorrow sometime.’  And I stopped to pay  my ‘debt’ on the way to school and he said, ‘I told you you can wait till tomorrow!’  And I just had to smile.  I guess I’ve officially lived here long enough to be known and trusted by the corner store guys. win. win.

Also on Thursday I read an article about religion and where it is processed in the brain.  Some interesting information:

1. “A variety of experiments suggest that children are predisposed to assume both design and intention behind natural events—leaving many psychologists and anthropologists to believe that children, left entirely to their own devices, would invent some conception of God.”

2. “The psychologist Margaret Evans has found that children between the ages of eight and ten, whatever their upbringing, are consistently more inclined to give a Creationist account of the natural world than their parents are.”

3. “‘Barrett makes the case, likening religion to language acquisition: we come into this world cognitively prepared for language; our culture and upbringing merely dictate which languages we will be exposed to.'”

And do you know what this all made me think of?
“Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law, since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending them.”  Romans 2:14, 15.
(Bolding added to convey the most salient points of these points.)  here’s the link if you want to read the article yourself:
Friday: Today.  I am realizing more and more and over again that I really do love living in New York City.
 And to end this post. A video.  Of the zulu language. From youtube. Well. the video is from youtube. the language is from South Africa. And they use ‘click’s in their language.  And it just sounds so funny to me.  Languages are so fun. 🙂

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