Normal life has very few and selective moments that are worth blogging about.  Especially weekly.  But I’ve done some thinking and maybe you will like the moments I have to share?

1. Did you know that sometimes us ‘east coasters’ name snow storms. I don’t really know what the rules are or how big the storm has to be before it gets a name.  But, our nine inches in Brooklyn last weekend came with the name “Nemo,” which allowed for several ‘finding nemo’ jokes to surface on facebook, which is how I heard about it.  And I thought it was interesting.

But now we are having much nicer weather and the snow is melting.  So we are happy.  Here is a nice random picture of my train stop on a nice random day this week. Image

2. a. Also this week- was…. Valentine’s Day. obviously.  and since i’m single. obviously. I decided to count all the valentine’s things I saw on my way to school on Thursday.  Valentine’s Things included balloons, flowers, and gifts.  I went to school at about 6:00 pm (for my 7:20 class) – so I happened to be traveling at the prime time to see everyone else traveling to see their loved ones.  I counted 45 Valentine’s Things sightings on my way to school.  Pretty impressive I must say.  For as heartless as New Yorkers can be, they do a pretty nice job of spreading the love on Valentine’s Day.

b. Also interesting thing about Valentine’s Things sightings…. in Brooklyn most people had helium balloons and in Manhattan most people had gifts or flowers.  I think this says something.  About the cultural differences between the two places.  That’s what I think.

c. And don’t worry.  I got some Valentine’s day too.  I made cookies. And shared them with my friends. win winImage

3. I also made pasta this week. Yesterday actually.  And the ‘rotini’ noodles also came with not rotini noodles in the box. Lame.Image

4. Also this week.  Today actually.  I went to Long Island.  It’s part of the island I live on and part of New York state but not technically part of New York City.  A lot of people who live on Long Island commute to the city for school and work.  But I went to Long Island to study, with my friends, at the house of one of my friends (from school, obviously). But it was interesting.  On Long Island they have houses, and yards, and towns (or villages as all their signs say), and it’s by the ocean (so- I got to see part of the sea today <3).  And well, it is just a different place than the city.  And it has a different feel.  And I liked it.  Because I got to sit on carpet to do my homework.  And pet a dog.  And hang out with my fun friends (even if we did have to study).

So there. That was my week.  For all of you dying to know how it went (mom. grandpa. 🙂 )

And just a parting joke- since I’m getting so fond of these.

You may think you’re cool…

Happy February Friends.

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