This weekend I surprised most of my family and friends by showing up at home.  I got a ride with my brother Troy as he was here in the city for a week helping with vacation bible school.  And I didn’t tell my family.  Well. My parents and grandparents and sister.

So I arrived on Friday afternoon and walked into the bakery and said, “Hi Dad.” And he looked. And blinked.  And silently absorbed the shock like a heart attach.  This was followed by some hugs and questions.  (I came with Troy. I’m flying back on Tuesday.  From Chicago. Yes, what a surprise. 🙂 )

Then the phone rang. In the bakery.  So I answered it.  “Hello Baker’s Nook.” and my mom said, “whatchyou up to?” And I said, “Just chatting w/ Dad.” Which was followed by the same questions and remarks of “WHAT THE WORLD?!?” and general indications of shock.

So we planned to meet for dinner at Hacienda (where everyone in Goshen meets for dinner).  And Briana arrived after we were sitting already.  And she was surprised too.  So she spent most of the meal just staring at me.

The surprising lasted all weekend as I got hugs and church and grandpa’s.  I must say, surprising people is a good way to say, “I love you,” I think.

Aside from spreading surprise everywhere I went, I also hung out with some people who I had prearranged plans with.

So.  My Saturday was full of some of my favorite friends and we went to places like the fair (only the 2nd largest in the nation you know) and the Chief (only the best ice cream in the state you know) and saw fireworks.  Because Indiana is cool like that and hosts some of the best that summer has to offer.

Image ImageImageImageImage

And then I came home yesterday.   Spent an hour doing homework.  And went to class. So I’m back to the independent crowded normal part of my life.  Not in the country anymore.

I still think the country is a little weird.  But I think driving out to Indiana (rather than flying alone) helped me transition as I watched miles of space fly by and got to freak out about what white people wore at travel plazas before getting to Indiana.  Let’s just say- acclimating home takes time but it helps when I have time to do that before seeing people I know.

All in all.  Twas a great trip.  And now I’m onto enjoying summer in the city.  I only have 1 class right now and have plenty of time to do things like balance my check book, sweep my floor, and get a library card.  Can’t wait!  Seems like normal life has a way of getting blocked out when we are busy.  And although I like life better when I’m busy, it’s still important to take time for the normal things too.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself to keep from getting too bored the next 3 weeks.

Basically my next reality:

Haha I should start texting people that

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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