Posh & Poor

Sometimes it hits me.  I live in this New York place.  Where you can see the splatter of the whole world’s diversity in one trip to central park.  Where you can buy cup cakes from ATMs.  And people write songs about our lives.

But really, I’m only hit with the excitement of New York City when I’m in Manhattan.  Which was basically 2 times in the last 6 weeks.  Instead I live this Brooklyn life.  Where ‘gentrification’ makes its way into weekly conversations.  And my kids write funny answers on their worksheets.  And the males in my neighborhood have become obsessed with ‘wheelies.’  Bicycles.  Motorbikes. You name it- if they can tip it, it will be tipped!

Also, according to my emails ‘wordpress has missed me’.  Which means I haven’t really been blogging too much.  Which means lots of regular things have been going on in my life. And, I mean, how many of you blog about regular things?

WHell.  Apparently I do.  Because you are about to see a lot of regular things.  Because it’s May and it’s spring and that makes me happy enough to dump all my phone pictures onto the internet in hopes that maybe someone will smile along with my life.

Category 1: My parents came to visit.  They were here for one day after a trip to PA.  I offered to meet them there.  But my dad forgot how much he hated New York for a hot second and decided to drive to meet me instead.  Don’t worry, he remembered by the time he arrived why he only visits once a year. But, we got bagels and found a farmers’ market and even got a whole train car to ourselves once.  That did make him smile.


{Indirect Window Selfie with my Dad}


Category 2:

More recently, I made an intentional trip to Central Park because it’s spring (my favorite time of year) and I wanted to see things that were blooming and people that we crazy.  And eat my favorite Waffles and Dinges.  SO much winning that day!

IMG_20150425_152954027 IMG_20150425_160442045 IMG_20150425_161328988 IMG_20150425_165620408 IMG_20150425_170107203 IMG_20150425_171732358 IMG_20150425_174948055 IMG_20150425_180828911_HDR

{Columbus Circle- Looking Out from the mall}IMG_20150425_185259153_HDR

{Has it really been a whole year since I had a gyro??  Just another reason to miss college and food carts.}


Bonus Feature:

So.  There’s this place called “Serendipity III.”  It’s totally this cafe in Manhattan that was in some movie and therefore has these ridiculously long waits and lots of tourists to eat from its overpriced menu.  However, due to its ‘frozen hot chocolate’ (made from 14 gourmet cocoas) it’s on, like, every ‘what to eat in New York’ list.  Even mine.  So. I finally went this week.  With a friend.  We were going to go running but it called for rain.  So we went for dessert instead. (Her and I, we share the same heart.) Needless to say. It had this great “Alice in Wonderland” feel and the hot chocolate was loved by all.


Category 3:

Work it!  I mean. Work.

So yeah. This month is coming up on one year since graduation.  And it’s amazing to me that I am, in fact, surviving my first year ‘therapisting’ (since I’m not a teacher- I’m a speech therapist, I’m not quite sure what to call this, but, you get the picture….)  Ahnyways.  I was just talking with someone this weekend about my job and I was struck with the incredible miracle that THIS is my ‘first year experience.’ So yeah, I work at 2 different schools.  And some days I run out of patience and skills.  But I was hired the week before school started.  And my schools are both incredible.  Supportive.  Helpful.  Safe places to grow.  Plus, some of my kids are pretty funny too.

{I had to laugh at this answer.}


{We made flowers for spring.}


{Some 5th graders think they are sooo funny.}


Also.  My current favorite funny kid story.

Setting: 2nd grade boy and I are walking together to my office and we pass another adult with a student.

boy (to me): Did you see that tall girl??  She is MY type!

me: You mean the grown up?

boy: yeah!

me:  Buddy.  You can’t date a grown up until you are a grown up.

boy: ooohhh

Which brings us to the end of my incredibly long post about my incredibly regular life.

Here’s something just for fun.

Haha, read it!

Happy May, friends!

A Trip 20 Years in the Making

I packed my bags on Friday night and began my journey Saturday morning.  It was spring break and I was to spend it, as spring breaks should be spent, in a warm place with one of my very best besties.  Jennifer and I have been friends for 20 years.  Since first grade and Ms. Pounds’s class.  Through the monkey bar years, the camp years, the giggles and basketball games and learning to drive years.  Well.  Through everything.  But.  We have never traveled together.  Unless you count spring break in high school.  But we don’t, because our parents planned and drove and really, we just rode along.  So.  This was the year.  Because I am finally in a place where I can afford it (and I finally have enough airmiles to get there for cheap).  And I knew I had to go.  I mean, I lived in Honduras 7 years ago.  If my Spanish identity is from anywhere- it’s Honduras.  And Jennifer has been living there for 4 years.  It was time.

So my little carry-on, and my little crossbody purse, and my not so little green trekking backpack, and I took the subway to the train to the airport shuttle to the flight with only 1 layover to Tegucigalpa, Honduras for Spring Break.

{Waiting for the Subway}


{Where Clouds Grow}


{Baleada in the Airport for Lunch}

There is something very refreshing about returning to one’s second culture home.  Although weakly tied as Honduras was only my home for a short while- things like beans and eggs inside tortillas, and greetings in the dialect that I speak, are kind of like hugs from strangers.  Better than flower wreaths to greet me.


{Boarding Plane Number 2}



{Saturday Night Adventures to Fancy Hotels for Dinner}


{Easter Sunday}

Where I got to meet all of Jennifer’s people. And we wore matching sandals because we can.


{The Bus Ride}

Now.  Since this was a vacation- in the middle of a visit- we decided we HAD to go to the beach.  Hence- the 6 hour bus ride each way. DSC_4013

{A Random Picture Out the Front Bus Window}


{We are at the BEACH and We are Happy}

And not yet sun burnt.


{Infinity Pool}

Pools by beaches are nice.  Especially because you can hear the waves but not feel gritty from the sand.DSC_4029IMG_20150406_180032884

{Honduran Life}

The ride home was another 6 hours on the bus.  We had the windows open and the view was quite enjoyable.  But, after 6 hours everyone gets a little giggly. IMG_20150408_152413656 IMG_20150408_152534230 IMG_20150408_152548741 IMG_20150408_142421277IMG_20150408_174630912

{Airport Farewell}

And then I had to leave.  Long talks, sunburns, and miles later I had to return to the rainy north. IMG_20150409_104715812

I miss those Honduran beans and my Jennifer already.

The Break – Mid-Winter

Here in New York we have this fancy thing called “Mid-Winter Break.”  Basically, it equals a week off of school in the middle of the winter.  This event reportedly began as a money saving technique as heating bills could be reduced by closing school for a week during the coldest part of the year.  Now it just means that I got a week off and get to work a week longer into June.

That said, having a week off during the coldest part of the year is very, very nice.

You know you’ve had a great break when….

1. You got to leave the city and experience just a bit of space (I went to PA and visited friends and hung out with Mennos.  Happy sigh for having peers- perhaps the thing I miss most about my city living adventure)


2. You got to run errands and mark off important things from your 2-do list, like changing your driver’s license and finally becoming an official resident of New York!  And you get to do it in the middle of the day (meaning- no rush hour traffic!!! :D)


(p.s. I made the happy discovery of a very efficient DMV in lower Manhattan.  Also, I love that I live in a place with views like this on my way to the DMV. <3)


3. You spend lots of time with funny kids and you don’t have to write up any of their progress at the end!  (No data collecting for this girl!  I got to babysit and NOT do therapy!)

{This kid isn’t even 2 and was fascinated with his own personally sized ipad.}


{We had staring contests, breath holding contests, crossed our eyes, went to McDonald’s and the park, and they taught me how to play “Settlers of Catan.”}IMG_20150221_125355295_HDR

4. Finally, you got to enjoy the snow without the frustration of having to go anywhere in it.


{This cute house is in my neighborhood- who knew?!?}


make your whole life interesting and beautiful, and you will look forward to each and every day.


What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Writing Voice:

1. Fake it.

Happy New Year!  Oh. End of January, you say?  Sorry I’m not sorry I haven’t posted anything all year yet.  Life is what it is – which has become incredibly routine in the most pleasant of ways, and I just haven’t gotten around to posting.  And, well, I just don’t think I need to apologize for that.

2. Make random comments about your life you think readers may be interested in.

As mentioned, I have reached a predictable stage in life.  One with routines and such pleasantries as well as my share of totally normal days.  A year ago… just a year ago… THIS was my normal vista.  And it did not include many currently enjoyed things like- playing my ukulele, working out, hanging out, not feeling insane.IMG_20140213_111355_332

3. Get very wordy and analytical- Experiment with turning your blog into an open diary of sorts…

Just yesterday, while waltzing along through Williamsburg with a friend (and by waltzing- I mean- winter speed walking with hands in pockets and all coat entrances sealed off from the wind) I came to the realization that I have changed again.

Perceptively, it has occurred to me that this whole concept of ‘place’ and finding a ‘place’ for yourself in the world, is a very fluid event.  I moved to New York nearly two and a half years ago.  And just this winter, while visiting home (Indiana), I realized that I don’t live there anymore.  Surprise.


4. Realize this diary entry is getting very wordy and summarize entire paragraphs with math equations.

In summary

Normal = Indiana < New York.

(In math words- this means- Indiana is now less ‘normal’ than New York.)

5. Consider writing a post about how your perceptions of New York have changed while living here.

Possibilities to include sarcasm, photos, and comedy are eliminated as you come to the realization that this change can be summarized with the statement, “New York is much less exciting now than it was when I arrived.” (Insert clause, “but I still like it.”)

6. Review your ramblings.

Make edits.  Incorporate a list to add comedy.  Lists are always funny- right?

7. Change the topic entirely.  You have some New Years Eve pictures that must be inserted at some point. (Must being a rather subjective term).  Explain.

This is what I did for New Years Eve.  I went with some of my favorite people to the big city of Chicago.  We froze.  We laughed.  We saw a Broadway.

Getting ready to freeze:


Laugh worthy warmth remedy:


The Broadway.  (My third time seeing Cinderella in 2014.  It’s, like, not my favorite anymore.  But still fun to see with people.)

IMG_20141231_184502738  IMG_20141231_185623235

8. End with honesty.

In all sincerity,  I haven’t written because sometimes the words don’t come.  And when life feels too normal and personal to take pictures to splash on the world wide web, I am truly out of blogging material.  I don’t know what this means for my blog.  But I do know that writing is too personal for me to 1. produce it on command or 2. quit writing altogether.  So.  I’m sure it will still be here.  In whatever mysterious form it appears.

9.  Thanks for reading, friends.

10. 🙂