First Impressions

Tuesday was day one. No kids. Just teachers.

I had forgotten how long my commute is!  Nearly late for the first day.  A nice adrenaline rush plus a half mile walk up the hill to school makes for a great start I’d say.  That and meeting one of my kids on the school steps.  His mom wasn’t sure when school started.  I sent them home.  Happy last day of summer, kid.

This year I’m full time at one school.  Praise the Lord.  No more carrying all my papers and games and games and papers back and forth between schools.  No more forgetting things at one school when I want them at the other school.  Now I can just forget things at home like a normal person.

I was late to our first meeting.  Mostly because it wasn’t announced.  It was implied.  “There’s breakfast in the cafeteria B.” apparently stands for, “Come eat a bagel and listen to a beginning of the year welcome and orientation.”  Thankfully our principal has a head on her shoulders and let us set up our classrooms and read the handbook on our own time instead of listening to the droning of power point presentations that cover fire drill expectations and tardiness policies.  As a plus, once you’ve read all those policies yourself in the handbook, you just have to sign this handy little form and you get to pick up a free teacher tote bag, complete with some new classroom materials!  (How great is that!?!)

Following our meeting we headed to our rooms.  This year I have inherited a reformed storage closet with a window (in the door- not the wall.  No, sunlight needy plants would not thrive in my office).  Which is SO much nicer than sharing half a room with 3 other providers. (I think).  Don’t worry.  Neither speech office has AC.  So that’s all fair.  And really, really warm.

What a happy discovery to find my office filled with teacher tote bags. 150 teacher totes.  For the 150 teachers at our school.  It just makes it hard to, you know, move around in my closet office.  So then I got to help move half of them to the main office.  But they ran out of room to store them there?  (Interesting.  I’ve run out of room to reach my bookshelves without walking in arches around piles… it seems we have a similar problem…)

That said.  The first week of school this year turned out to be a breeze.  In the figurative sense.  It helps that I’m at one school instead of two.  It helps that I’ve done this before and have a guess at what I’m going.  And I like that I know people at work (I’m full time at a place I was part-time at last year).

It makes me excited to start.  Happy to be there.  And sane when I go home.

So far.

Even if the internet was down on Friday and I spent the day moving around tote bags to access corners of my room and cutting out letters for door signs and bulletin boards.  It’s nice to feel productive again.

{1/3 of the original tote pile remains.  Also yes, you can fit 3 of the walls in my room in a photo when I stand against the door and lift my phone really high and angle it.}


{My door.  I think it’s important to identify where you are and who I am.  I don’t think it’s important to cut out the center of small vowels with large scissors.  Like Erleen says, “In 10 years, who will care?”}


It’s also nice that Jews have so many holidays in September.  Four day weekends are a very nice way to end the first half week of school.

Here’s to starting something new, again!

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