Parlez-vous Français?

I have discovered that I never eat at French restaurants because…. I can’t afford it.

But this week I was on the hunt for one and found a nice cafe where I got to ask our waiter how to say… “I want the croque mosieur” in French (which, let’s face it- was a ham and cheese sandwich).

{Le Menu}


{Not how your mother makes them.  (unless your mother is French)}

IMG_20150618_174521074a IMG_20150618_181511718a

The French continued with a brisk walk to Broadway- weaving tourists and dodging stop lights like the pros we are- for second row seats to Les Miserables.  $45 teacher discounts are SUCH a win!


{Only some of my very favorite people.}


And that was my fun French night.  My other French nights haven’t been that fun.  You see, I’m taking this online class because… I mean, French is cool…. and I’m only 3 credits from moving up the pay scale (wah wah).  But.  Let. me. tell. you. Learning languages from the internet is just… ridiculous. I CAN’T READ THIS LANGUAGE!  How am I going to LEARN it without a teacher?!?!?!? So puzzling.  I mean. I guess – according to my French quiz/game website homework I now know 8% of the language… which seems pretty accurate.  Even if I can’t speak or understand a lick.

I mean.

/komo ale vu/ is spelled  “Comment allez-vous.”  So yeah.  Me reading French actually is me 1. listening to google translate, 2. writing it phonetically like a nerd, 3. and reading that.

So… this summer online class is ganna be great.  I can tell already.  (But- win for living in a city that allows me to do my ‘cultural homework assignment’ by writing a 2 page paper about an event I was ALREADY planning on going to.)

Also this week. I took a selfie with a dog while snacking on a blanket listening to the NY Philharmonic in Brooklyn with new friends and old.  See, she looks JUST like our childhood dog!


Which leads us to…. summer.  Which officially started today according to the Earth’s rotation around the sun… but starts for me on Friday.  Oh so soon. Horrah Horray!

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