May Dayz

May is spring and testing days in school and weather that makes us all smile.  This May also meant a trip home for a wedding and a trip to the city to watch the sunset.  Photos to follow.


So. I have this friend Stephanie.  Who married this friend David.  And I got to go to their wedding.  And run the photo-booth camera. So much winning.  Not to mention – this was my first trip home since Christmas.

The journey started with an all night drive with my roomie.  It actually worked out well since I have the power to stay up late and she has the superpower of getting up early.  With that mix, we made it home in 13 hours.  But not without a traffic hold up in the city.



It was decided that IF you are going to get stopped for an hour in traffic, SOHO, Manhattan is the place to do it.  So much great people watching to do.  (not to mention a street truck selling JUST socks.  not tacos.  or ice cream.  just socks.)


So.  Like I said.  I went to this wedding.  David and Stephanie.

Well.  Stephanie and I?  We go way back.  But I actually met David first.  And once upon a time we all worked together in my mother’s cafe.  Life has changed much since then, but it was fun to be at their wedding after knowing them through the whole journey.  The wedding was incredibly sweet as they included a lot of personal touches that traditional ‘menno’ weddings don’t have- like writing their own vows and singing songs for each other. 🙂  Plus, they were both so happy.  Which makes everyone else happy too, of course.

{The Mr. and Mrs.}


{At the reception.}


{Stephanie and I aren’t used to taking selfies with David.  Sorry for squishing you out man.}


{Some photo booth fun}


{This is, oddly enough, not the first time I’ve posed with mustaches with Stephanie.}  DSCF7078a

{4 years ago.  See?  (why yes, we believe in being totally proactive in planning roadtrip entertainment.  Don’t judge.)}


{my parents!}


{My seesters and me}


{my mom and me (yes, it was very nice to have people I know walking through my photo booth line)}


My trip home ended with, two days back to back with my Esther, lots of family time, and another loong drive back to my city, with no traffic delays on the George Washington Bridge- a miracle!


DSC_4107_edited-1     DSC_4177_edited-1     IMG_20150525_174852393_edited-1

The Sunset

This weekend was ‘Manhattanhedge.’  Manhattanhedge is the name for when the sun lines up perfectly with the east-west streets of Manhattan as it sets.  Malinda and I went to Long Island City to watch.  It was gorgeous until the clouds got in the way.  But we liked it anyways.

IMG_20150530_193316932_HDR_edited-1DSC_4233_edited-1 DSC_4237_edited-1 DSC_4242_edited-1 DSC_4244_edited-1 DSC_4265_edited-1 DSC_4289_edited-1 DSC_4341_edited-1

And that was May.  Now it’s June.  Only 25 days to my last day of school and this face says it all (can you believe it? I’ve almost survived my first year of teaching!)


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