The Break – Mid-Winter

Here in New York we have this fancy thing called “Mid-Winter Break.”  Basically, it equals a week off of school in the middle of the winter.  This event reportedly began as a money saving technique as heating bills could be reduced by closing school for a week during the coldest part of the year.  Now it just means that I got a week off and get to work a week longer into June.

That said, having a week off during the coldest part of the year is very, very nice.

You know you’ve had a great break when….

1. You got to leave the city and experience just a bit of space (I went to PA and visited friends and hung out with Mennos.  Happy sigh for having peers- perhaps the thing I miss most about my city living adventure)


2. You got to run errands and mark off important things from your 2-do list, like changing your driver’s license and finally becoming an official resident of New York!  And you get to do it in the middle of the day (meaning- no rush hour traffic!!! :D)


(p.s. I made the happy discovery of a very efficient DMV in lower Manhattan.  Also, I love that I live in a place with views like this on my way to the DMV. <3)


3. You spend lots of time with funny kids and you don’t have to write up any of their progress at the end!  (No data collecting for this girl!  I got to babysit and NOT do therapy!)

{This kid isn’t even 2 and was fascinated with his own personally sized ipad.}


{We had staring contests, breath holding contests, crossed our eyes, went to McDonald’s and the park, and they taught me how to play “Settlers of Catan.”}IMG_20150221_125355295_HDR

4. Finally, you got to enjoy the snow without the frustration of having to go anywhere in it.


{This cute house is in my neighborhood- who knew?!?}


make your whole life interesting and beautiful, and you will look forward to each and every day.

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