Dear Friend

You are not a disappointment. You are hard to figure out. And uncontrollable at times. But you are you. And that’s why we like you. So please. Don’t really change. I know you want to. I know that we all want to. and I’m sure you could benefit from it.

But the you that’s you. Especially the part of you that is actually Christ.

Don’t ever change it. No matter how frustrated it makes the world.


Take the time you need to make the choices God calls you to. Don’t be afraid to be sarcastic when you need to. To encourage the world as you always do. To cheer for people. And refuse to worry. Even if that means closing us out for a bit.


Who you are is important. It’s part of God’s story. The part where He shows the world how much He loves us. So.

I hope that you are always you. And I hope that we could all be okay with that.

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