October Ends

This month has been of the kind that fly.  And it has flown right by.  I’ve begun to slowly form a routine and fill my life with good things.  Which is important to do when you graduate and life as you know it changes forever.

Here’s what my phone’s photo album has to show for itself this month (plus some of September).

1. City street reflections in subway advertisements with humorously placed ‘grumpy cat’ stickers.


2. a NEEDTOBREATHE concert.  which was as it should be. (which is- wonderful) IMG_20140927_231551742

3. My part time desk. at school number 2.


4. A weekly uphill walk in a park that wants to look like fall. IMG_20141001_153302086

5. Evidence we HAD mice.


6. Colors burl together to brighten my lengthy commute.


7. Walking in streets with trees and houses.  An oasis in insanity.


8. Springtime flowers blooming make me miss fall even more.  (Have I mentioned that NY’s delayed season changes make me incredibly jealous of orange and red leaves as of late?)


9. This sunrise on the morning of my first paid sick day. (On a related note- I recommend NOT eating expired yogurt.  EVEN if it smells good, looks good, and tastes good.)IMG_20141020_065900684_HDR

10. Photos to mark game progress with competitive students (yes, we will be finishing this next week).IMG_20141022_122240336

11. Jeni’s ice cream.  A happy addition to New York and to my life.


12.  Especially when followed by 30 blocks of walking – wedged between the Hudson and lights scraping the sky. IMG_20141024_190152993

13. Only to be followed a day later by this view.  I must have seen this shot from every angle by now.  And still, I love it so. IMG_20141025_210619850

And that, my friends, leads us to the part where October ends.

Collect beautiful moments

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