We Make Our Own Adventures

It is a well (self) published fact that I like to have “adventures.”  I like to call them adventures because it makes life so much more exciting than saying, “Today I went to the park.”  haha

Soo.. while I’m in the throws of “funemployment” (as some people like to call it), I thought it might be time to document some of the (free) adventures I found to fill my time (putting the ‘fun’ in ‘funemployment,’ of course).

1. My friend Lynell came to visit.  She wanted to see what I considered to be, ‘real New York.’  Well.  I don’t know what that means, but I did manage to drag her all around the city for 24 hours.

We visited the highline:

IMG_20140819_200557517a IMG_20140819_201004340a

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge:

Interesting side note:  There is a bridge in Paris that I have seen on Pinterest (obviously, how else would I learn about anything in the world?) where lovers (people who are in love, I presume) can place a lock and throw the key into the river (locking their love together (in Paris) forever).  Well.  New York is not be outdone with romantic symbolism it appears as the Brooklyn Bridge has now adapted (apparently) this similar policy.  However, we do not limit this placement of personal items to lovers and locks.  In fact, you can tie a bracelet, write in sharpie, even leave your luggage tags on our symbolic bridge.  To me it screams, “I was here!  For this brief moment, I’m part of this crazy place!” (and/or, it says, “I love you,” to someone specific).  Anyways.  We didn’t have a sharpie, or a lock, or really, anything to leave.  And I didn’t even take a picture.  But, it was kinda cool so I thought you should know about it. 🙂


We also went to the Met(ropolitan Museum of Art):

Which I might argue is one of the best art museums in the world, largely due to it’s variety, size, and accessibility to the public.  See, even Lynell discovered she likes art. 🙂


(Yup.  Just a hooved, winged, Persian palace man.)


Cuneiform writing!


Washington crossing the Delaware was much bigger than I imagined.  Larger than life, in fact.  IMG_20140820_110452774a

Lynell with a sphinx.  She’s so excited she can barely smile. 🙂IMG_20140820_111827503a

2. I visited the New York Historical Society.  Largely because it’s $20 for adults and free with my student ID (which is too soon expiring).  The Historical Society is an interesting mix of history, and its possession of random, old artifacts is astounding.  For example, while waiting on the front steps I could choose to stand by Madeline (who, apparently, is a New Yorker after all since the author was a true New Yorker) or.. a (literally) life sized statue of President Lincoln (who is American.. and apparently that is New Yorker enough?).




He’s so tall I couldn’t even take a selfie with him!IMG_20140820_145405054_HDRa

And, since this museum is has a children’s museum attached (including, a tea room for tea parties, of course) Kai and I took the interactive exhibits very seriously.  This is Kai as an angelic nun.


And here I am with Fredrick Douglas!


3. On a final note, I have been ‘back’ in the city for almost 2 weeks now.  Which I like.  Because things like punk ice cream cones and watching the sky through window panes almost never gets old to me.


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