Post- Grad

Life after school does exist. It looks something like this:

Part 1: I returned to New York with my friend Amy.

We stopped at Millennium Park in Chicago on the way to the airport.  Unfortunately, I left my wallet there and had an interesting panic trying to board a flight without ID or credit card.  Fortunately, they accepted a picture of my passport, my Kohl’s card, and an intimate pat-down as proof of my security.  (On the plus side, my wallet has been located (minus $50) and is currently in the possession of my parents!)  But. These photos were taken before that fateful moment.


In my defense- it was a warm day. – Although this photo could be seen as a foreshadowing event.


Upon arriving in New York we- went to a Yankee’s game.  Because live sports are appropriately entertaining. Image

and Shake Shack.  Because we like it.


and Little Italy.  (Because it’s even better then Shake Shack!)


and Chinatown… and more.


Part 2:  Amy flew home and I stayed to face my next big hurdle- unemployment.

Needless to say, I am a little tired of wearing my interview blazer in this summer heat.  (I interviewed 3/5 of the days this past week.  And.. in my defense.. the public education system here has a lot of hurdles to get through.  — I promise… it’s not because no one wants to hire me… (I hope.))

However, this picture is from my very first interview….


Funny story… I sent this picture to my mother titled, “here goes nothing.”  I got a text back that said, “who is this?”  Well… Obviously, the person in the picture!  (Yes, I sent the picture to a stranger (a not so brilliant stranger) … not my mother- whoops).

So yes. Lots of interviews.  Which is because 1. I’m unemployed. So that’s a thing.  But also because 2. I’m kind of in a rush because I leave for Asia in a week (eek! 🙂 ).  But my mom says I should enjoy the process rather than stressing.  So, I guess I’m trying to be the first to do that. 🙂

And, finally, can you guess where the following photo was taken?  I promise.. it’s NOT where you’d think.






(It’s the park reservoir by my apartment! Surprise. 🙂 )


And finally… it seemed appropriate.

The thoughts of every graduate

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