Visiting Home

I’ve been “home.” And now I’m back.

I had a conversation with my grandmother. It went something like this:

“How do you like Indiana?”

“It’s green…. It’s nice to visit.”

“To visit?!?”

Yes, to visit.

And visit I did. My sister graduated high school.  That makes the 3rd graduate this year for my parents. They are appropriately proud.


Life takes a funny shift when home is where you visit and not live.  So, the rest of my time I spent catching up.  Oh, so many people I have to catch up with. Friends from church. Friends from school. Friends from elementary school! (Yes, I am a faithful friend.) We had grad parties, games, ice cream, and plenty of chatting.  That’s what I love about home.  When I’m home my time is highly concentrated with people who share a mutual love with me.  As a whole, it’s a rather nice experience. But (unfortunately) by the time I leave I am usually ready for ‘real life’ again.  There are only some many ways I can answer, “What have you been up to?” when I’ve only been “up to” eating out every night.

So I came back to New York.

Also of late, I have been remembering what I love about New York.  (Absence makes the heart grow fonder… right?) Well.  I’ve been gone for a while.  And upon returning I remembered that I love people.  Playing subway poles like stringed cellos.  Fighting for friendships with curses and hugs. I know, so few people in the countryside agree, but I’d argue that people are among the most beautiful things in the world.  Needless to say, it’s nice to be home.  Although Indiana is an exceptionally good place to visit.

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