A Saturday Story

On Saturday I awoke at 5 am to head to the airport.  I had a soggy banana for breakfast and lugged my carry-on down the stairs.  I had worked especially hard to fit everything in my carry-on… anything to save $50, right? On the way to the airport I discovered that my flight left 30 minutes later than I thought, making me 30 minutes early.  At 6 am this information makes me roll my eyes.

At the airport, aside from being early, I was forced to check my carry-on.  It was too fat.  So much for saving money.  Now I just ended up wasting space.  The check-in process was dull and uneventful, frequent lonesome travel does that to people, making them tired of things (like flying) which once thrilled the senses.  I then proceeded to read my morning away.  I got within 16 pages of the end of my book, Life of Pi, before reaching Chicago.  The start of the book was much too informative and dull I thought.  I was NOT expecting the middle at all, making the story quite gripping.  I guess the tiger and boy in a lifeboat on the cover could have been a clue about the content of the story.  For whatever reason, I had assumed it was a metaphor.  Needless to say, I was relieved to discover the boy survives with the tiger while lost at sea, before landing.

We landed early.  I asked the desk where my bag would end up.  “Baggage claim 6,” I was told.  It wasn’t baggage claim 6. But I still got my (supposed) carry-on bag before my ride arrived.

Since we were in Chicago.  And since we are friends.  And since we like zoos, my ride and I headed to Lincoln Park Zoo (yes, Lincoln Park is a place).  It was a very sunny day.  But the zoo is part of a park (plus, it’s free and has amazing, awake animals) and it has a great view of the city.  (and I had to use my phone as a camera) See?


So we liked the zoo.

and then my friend drove me home.

Indiana is much the same as it always has been.  But our kitchen has new tile.  And my mother welcomed me by forcing me to shake out my entire suitcase on the deck.

“I don’t want cockroaches to come in my house,” she said.

“I didn’t bring cockroaches with me!” I said.

“You don’t know that.”

It’s like she thinks I came back from the jungle.

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