The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Wednesday was my last day of school.  Ever.

This day has been much anticipated and I think it’s only right to honor it with a post.

As far as last days go, it couldn’t have gone any better.  I got my last day at placement (complete with a field-trip), my last study session with my faithful study partners, and my LAST exam.  It is very surreal to take a final, final.  I had a moment.  While filling out the muscle diagram of the ‘voice box.’  Where I realized that I have filled out this exact diagram for very similar tests for the past 5 years and this was the last time someone would grade me on it.  It is the weirdest feeling to have arrived at my last day of school, for it was the purpose of each preceding day since the beginning of time.  And then it was over.  Gelato for dinner.  Throwing my arms in the air to random people in celebration of reaching that moment. I’m no marathon runner, but I took the victory stance when telling others of my joy of finishing.  It is, by far, my favorite weird feeling.

However, the observation was made that we are, perhaps, loosing our identities, as we have never been anything but students.  That said, in many ways, we are finally free to make an identity.  I am no longer a student who hopes to be an SLP.  In no time flat I will be an SLP with hopes of doing something else.  I kinda like that.

So. That was Wednesday.

On Thursday I got my first rental car! (yeah buddy! I picked it up w/ only 402 miles! Don’t worry. I dropped it off with 1,100.  I believe rental cars are meant for adventures.)

So yes.  I got a rental and drove to PA for my roomie’s wedding.  Which was on Saturday.  But I made the trip ‘worth’ it by catching up with long lost friends, like old bible-school roomies and grad school peers.  We sat in coffee shops, took boat rides, and went geocaching.  I tried my very best to be a nature adventurer and we called ourselves “Loise and Claire” but really- I was the white settlers and she was Sacajawea.  We also went garage saleing and  did our fair share of ‘vegging.’  Yup.  It really was the perfect way to start my ‘adult’ life.

Here are some pictures:

I’m in a boat.



An island we stopped at.  The geese were nesting and rather unwelcoming hosts.


I’m in nature!


Look at that ant!


My first geocach.  It had a metrocard from long ago in it!  Image

My host and adventure guide, as well as the only other Mennonite I presently know in grad school, AND my fifth and a half cousin (man, we have so much in common 🙂 ).


My only picture of the wedding.  Which was beautiful.  And we were thankful for the tent as it poured down rain. Image

and finally, a shout out to my mother on Mother’s Day! You are much appreciated!


and to my brother, who also finished his last day of college this week!  Congratulations! I always knew you were a smarty pants. 🙂 (Just look at us!)



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