Gray Days

We are 2 weeks into February and life has been pretty gray.  All the pictures on my phone include snow and gray skies.  And everyday I have spent either thinking about or doing school.  I’m slowly finding myself and where I belong at my new internship.  I’m part of a study group that meets every Saturday to study for comps (which are on February 28th- leaving only one last Saturday study session).  But.  Since we are less than 2 weeks from comps our study sessions are being upped to 3 times a week. (Gag)

And that’s basically my life right now.

But on the plus side.  I passed the PRAXIS!  Which is my state licensing exam.  Which is amazing. Amazing that I’m here.  At this point in my program.  2 weeks from finishing the insanity that is the journey to licensing.  84 days to graduation.  85 days to summer vacation.  85 days from no longer marking ‘student’ as my career.  I’d have to say.  Studying for all these tests is a bit like reminiscing.  Except what I’m reminiscing is facts, sources, and theories- which aren’t near as sweet as memories.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And I am walking towards that light!

And I’m ready for spring.  In the mean time, here are some pictures of snow:

1. Snow and the view from my newest place of internshipment.


2. snow along my walk to my internship.


3. snow on my walk to the train from my apartment. Pity the people who attempt to keep their sidewalk clean.  Pity and appreciation all at once.


4. snow on campus the one day I was out and thought “how is this safe??” as I slid my way to campus. ImageImageImage

5. snow and a diagram of love as a subway map on Valentine’s day in Brooklyn.


6. me in my snow gear 1 hour post-PRAXIS passing and waiting for the train. Image

7. and finally- me when I think about my upcoming 5 hour essay exam that is required for graduation.

524290_670481729631187_1777326874_n.jpg (596×528)

On that note.  Happy mid-February everyone.  We shall make it through this winter- I promise. (errr. I hope.)

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