Ms. Zipperman

Well.  I’m back in New York, facing my last semester in grad school.  Making a new routine that comes with a new class/internship schedule.  And having my share of amusing experiences.

One of which is the fact that I now spend 3 days a week in high school.  For my internship.

My new high school is for kids with special needs.  All the kids at my school ‘perform academically’ between 1st and 4th grade.  They all speak.  And they are all hilarious.  Mostly.

In high school I am working more as a teacher than a traditional “SLP” as my kids aren’t seen one-on-one but rather in groups.  And they come to these groups when the bell rings.  As a class period.  Which is great b/c that means they aren’t missing another class to come to speech (which often happens).  However, since it is a class, it has a curriculum rather than individualized speech goals.  If you are keeping up with this paragraph – awesome. I know. It has a lot of school jargon in it.

Okay.  So now you know about my school.  Oh. Except- don’t forget.  All my kids are teenagers.  Fashionista girls.  Ginormous high school boys.  (By ginormous I mean 6 feet.  It seems like a large percentage of my students are taller than me.  Somehow that is funny to me.) With learning disabilities.  With Attitudes.  Hormones.  And a love for Disney movies.  I think I will like them a lot.

My main challenge so far has been teaching my name.  Ms. Zimmerman.  I’ve never been Ms. Zimmerman before.  I’ve been Miss Camille.  I’ve been Camille.  But Ms. Zimmerman.  Weird.  So.  I have my own identity issues about that.  But then.  Most of my kids have a hard time saying my name.  Probably b/c I have a hard time saying my name. (Mostly b/c the “s” in “Ms.”  co-articulates the the “z” and comes out “Msssimmerman.”  And the stress in “Zimmerman” is on the first vowel.  Causing the final 2 vowels to be reduced to ‘uh’s instead of “er” and “a.”  Which makes me sound like I’m mumbling.)  This ridiculous situation lead me to introduce myself as Mz. Zimmerman (eliminating the “cinnamon” sounding similarities.)  But then one student called me Ms. Zipperman. Yes.  both “m” and “p” are made with closed lips and look the same.  I tried to correct him.  Then I gave up.  Then he introduced me to his teachers.  I corrected him again.  It’s one thing for one student to call me Ms. Zipperman on accident.  It’s another to be called that all the time.

Another fun thing going on at my school is practicing for the talent show.  Dancing to “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.”  Singing to “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid.  And of course.  Everyone is preparing for the spring play, The Wizard of Oz.

I also like my school because it is in “the village.”  The village is a neighborhood in Manhattan between Midtown and Lower Manhattan.  And it is pretty cool.  Not only does my street have a great view of the Empire State Building.  But we have parks and restaurants and adventure inspiring places all around us.  If you came to visit- I think we would go to the village.  It’s a neighborhood I don’t know well but wish I did.

So yup.  That was my first week in high school.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

In other news.  It’s 54 degrees here today.  Which is great for Super Bowl fans and players.  And for everyone in New York who is tired of winter.  Like me.

And in ever more news.  We have officially entered February.  Which you may or may not know- is the month I have somehow scheduled the entirety of my licensing/graduating tests.  The Praxis.  A training workshop. 2 tests for my teaching license (which I need to work as an SLP in a school).  And.  My comps.  The comps are on February 28th and will be my hardest and longest test.  We are talking a 5 hour essay test here.  And I have a whole month to study.  While also at my placement and doing homework for class.  So I’m starting now.  Goodbye world.  Hello study sessionsssssss.

On the plus side.  If I survive this month, graduation is pretty much in the bag.

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