Farewell Indiana

Winter socks are so much better than summer socks.

We have reached another milestone.  The part where my Indiana home adventure has ended and I return to the East Coast for my FINAL (I don’t know if you caught that.  I said. FINAL.  As in- LAST!!!) semester of school.

When I started this blog I noted that this blog is about me as I deal with change in my life and well, one thing that amazes me is that my life changes so much.  And here I am, facing another new thing.  Beginning a semester.  Ending a Master’s program.  Finding a job. Traveling.   I’m ganna go ahead a sound old- but I have to say, “wow. Just where does time go?”  (Which is an altogether puzzling question if you really think about it as time is merely a measurement of sunlight and it really doesn’t GO anywhere at all.)

So. Let me paint the picture.  Of what you’ve been missing out on the last 2 weeks.  While I’ve been home.  In Indiana.

It’s snowed nearly every day.  And I mostly stayed in bed until 9:00.  Some days I did paperwork stuff for school.  Some days I hung out with my family.  Some days I hung out with my friends.  Some days I even helped my mom by running errands for the bakery, etc.  Mostly.  When you are at home for a month, you have plenty of time to do nothing, with the people you love.

Like a birthday party for my dad.  With Tasha as our skilled host.


But I’ve also been getting emails about school.  Comps are in February.  The Praxis is in March?  Diagnostics meets on Thursdays.  I need to meet with HR to get my ID to start my placement.  I took a violence prevention seminar online.  I just have so much to do before I’m done.  Although I am much closer to being done than I ever have been.

Side note: I’m already tired of winter.  So much snow. We drive slowly and walk slowly and wear so many layers because of it. And everyone here keeps their houses at 70*. I can’t handle it. I’m always cold.  And the most ridiculous part?  As I creep along in my car, shivering as I wait for it to warm up, I see some silly person run from their car to a building in shorts and a T-shirt.  It’s just so silly.


And so I’ve reached the point where I realized that I have greatly enjoyed my time at home.  But I need to get back to MY ‘real life’.  Because it’s waiting for me.

T-minus 22 hours till I’m ‘home.’

Works for me.

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