A Well Documented New Year

I recently got a new camera.  Her name is Bernadette.  She’s for my summer travels. But I’m also benefiting from it right now as it’s a pretty good motivator to take lots of pictures.  Add that motivation to a week full of photo-worthy events- and you are bound to get one long blog post.  We’d better get this started I think.

Event 1:

I went to Ohio to celebrate NYE with 3 dear friends.  Two of them wore matching outfits:


We went thrift shopping.  Unlike most Mennonite girls (I would guess) I don’t actually like to thrift shop for clothes. However, I love thrifting for therapy stuff and scored myself several games this week.  Win win.


Then we went to the mall. And got Jeni’s ice cream. Which. Is only the best ice cream in the whole wide world.  (well. I think it’s pretty close anyways and I eat my fair share of ice cream.)


Side note: 4 years ago I visited Esther during my Christmas vacation and we went to this exact mall and took a picture in the exact same telephone booth.  There is something very sweet about spending vacation time with the same people year after year.  (I think).   (The picture on the left is from 2010 and this picture on the right is from last Monday.)


Then for dinner we found another friend and ate wood fired pizza.  We liked that too. ImageImageImageImage

New Years Eve we celebrated like the adults that we are- with a French brunch, running errands, taking a nap (?!?), ice skating (which is teariffying for me), cooked German food for dinner, and played games and chatted the new year into being. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

We also stopped at The North Market. Which reminded me a lot of the Reading Terminal Market in Philly.  And made me wonder why I haven’t found such a market in NYC yet. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

This is Allison.  She is quite tired of me taking pictures I think.  And she would much prefer to be ice skating. Image

Our German inspired meal.  We had German noddles, beef stew, red cabbage, hard bread, and apple strudel.  And we made it ourselves. We also listened to our share of German folk and pop music to create an atmosphere.  I can’t decide if this makes us nerds or just silly. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Some of us also had coffee like the addicts they are. Image

They acted like they’d never had it before. Image

For New Years brunch we also had German food. This time we had soft boiled eggs and bread with jelly and cheese.  Turns out Germany has some delicious food options.


Then we bid farewell, like people do. You know, with more pictures and hugs and all of that.


Event 2: A snow day with Jennifer.  This is my friend who lives in Honduras now.  She never gets snow and I never get to see her.  Jennifer and I have been friends for…. well. since first grade.  So.  A whole day together.  Plus snow.  Means we obviously had a ridiculously good day.  We got coffee and hot chocolate.  We went sledding and discussed physics like the nerds we are (You know, we wanted to make the sled go as far as possible down the hill.  That takes physics.  And makes us wonder how children ever figure out sledding without it.)  And we made snow angels.


Event 3: A poorly documented friend-family gathering.  Where I got to tour a new home, pet my favorite dog, and play all my favorite games. Yeah. We’ve been friends for a longtime and we like it that way. ImageImage

Event 4: The Zimmerman family Christmas

Since our family is quite large we have our Christmas celebration in a gym.  We always have breakfast.  Then we play games and chat.  Then we have dinner.  And clean up and go home.  This year was no exception.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The end. That was my week.  If every picture is a thousand words you can see that I rather like having a break from school and spending time with my loved ones.  Sometimes I do miss the city.  And sometimes I miss my routine.  But more often than not I don’t.  Instead I’m happy to be here.  With these people. Something about living so far away makes being near so much sweeter.

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