Traditions We Keep

Christmas was a follows:

The participants.

The parents/ hosts. Steve and Linda.


The married children- Antony and LaTasha


The dating children. LaTasha’s sister Nyesha and her boyfriend/our cousin- Brad


Me and Vanessa




And Briana.  At 17 she’s the closest thing our family has to ‘children’ right now.


The events:

Some traditions have changed now that we are older.  But some things stay the same.  In this case- it’s Christmas brunch.  Served by my mother.  We almost always feel bad watching her run around the kitchen.  But she says- this is her gift to us.  And we don’t really complain.


Then we wash dishes.  (Once we have consumed the adequate amount of good food of course.) (Also. The dudes mostly nap or something during this time. Seems like this is a tradition that is probably not unique to us.)



Then we slowly make our way over to the living room for presents.  By ‘slowly’ I mean ‘distractedly.’  We take plenty of time to stop for stories, pictures, and a quick huddle around a phone. ImageImage


Then- because this is Christmas- we have a long talk about what Christmas is and means.

And then we open presents.


And then.  Well.  Because the best way to celebrate Christmas is with family- we just hang out.  Mostly by playing games and chatting and chatting.


And I realize.  At the end of it all. That there is a reason everyone wants to be home for Christmas.  And all my reasons- are right here at home.

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