25 Things

There’s this thing going around facebook where people are posting a random number of pieces of information about themselves that their facebook friends probably don’t know.  Well.  Since my life is basically an open book, it’s kinda silly for me to be participating. And I think it’s kinda breaking the rules to give yourself a number instead of getting it from a friend?  But I just turned 25 so I’m giving myself the number 25. Are you ready?

1. This week I turned 25. Which you already knew.  What you didn’t know is that I celebrated it in the East Village by picking up a bagel at Russ & Daughters (a place I’ve been wanting to try),



2. getting Italian at Lil Frankie’s with my school friends,


3. and going to see STOMP (also with my friends).  If you don’t know who STOMP is- they are a percussion group that uses everyday objects (like trashcans and plastic bags and lighters and brooms and hands and feet and really whatever they want) to create music.  Which, in itself is pretty cool.  What was also nice was that they didn’t speak at all and instead relied on gestures to create physical comedy. I never knew that a percussion show could be so funny.  We laughed our heads off and we loved it.

4. Also on my birthday- I did therapy.  I went to my school and threw a party for myself with my kiddos.  They were so excited.  Except one child was indignant that we didn’t have cake.  He didn’t think it counted as a real birthday since we didn’t have cake.  He refused to sing to me.

5. Otherwise, I was incredibly popular.

6. I got a card made and signed by the class. And a some drawings. One was the alphabet in food (pictures included: apple, banana, corn, etc.)

7. For my birthday weekend (is that a thing?) I went to the International Center of Photography (it’s a museum) (and I got in free with my TC ID).

8. We ate dinner in Times Square at Olive Garden.

9. (yes. I like Italian.).

10. I found a piece of paper in my dinner after I was done eating.  I calmly told the manager and got an entire free meal to go.  Plus my first meal taken off the bill. That was nice I think.

11. Also this week, I’ve been doing homework.  I’ve decided that school is pretty much like a full time job.  And I basically do it all the time.  It’s not overwhelming.  Just constant.  And yes I’m getting tired of it.

12. Only 185 days till I graduate!

13. Also right now. I’m unofficially starting to plan a trip next summer. To Southeast Asia.  If you have been- I would love to talk to you about it.  Or, more specifically, you should talk to me, since I have no way of knowing ‘who’ you are until you tell me. But basically.  The whole thing looks quite overwhelming to plan

14. (and I love planning- so I think that’s saying a lot).

15. It’s amazing how far I’ve gotten on this list without revealing anything juicy.

16. That said. I played the flute for 7 years in school. From 5th grade through 11th grade.  Yes.  I dropped out my senior year. Drama drama. But in high school I was part of the marching band.  Yup.  I was THAT level of cool.  and really, I loved it.

17. In 5th grade I flossed my teeth everyday.  Even though I had braces.  Today I flossed my teeth and now I can’t chew.

18.  That said, I’m pretty much all or nothing.

19. And I have this thing. Where I get a mild case of anxiety when I have too many tabs or windows open on my screen.  I am constantly closing things just to open them the next day.  But somehow it brings me peace.

20. I like to name things. My car is Delilah. My computer is Beasley.  My camera is Gatsby.  My ipad is Max.  My ipod is Beverly.  Really I just like names.

21. That said.  I think using people’s names is powerful.  It builds connection.  Like a sense of knowing someone.  I think the easiest way to befriend someone is to remember something important about them.  I think it’s good to start with their name.  and then use it.  Just so they know you remember.  It works for me.

22. Also.  I think that the fastest way to make a friend is to act like you already are friends.  And talk.  (I’m all about communication.) Hence.  I tend to overshare my life.  Mostly b/c I seem to think that if I tell you something about me then you will feel safe telling me something about you.  And then we will be friends.  In my experience, you can’t be very fragile to do this.  But you do have to be honest. (Just be yourself.  It works every time.)

23. I like words. Especially words that tell me something about you.  Sociolinguistics (the study of language use in culture).  I love it.  I think it says something to me of God’s creativity.

24. And I’m definitely a Christian.  I’ve thought about it.  And there really is no other way.

25. Also recently.  I’ve decided I like giraffes.  Maybe not in real life.  But they are incredibly photogenic.  Plus.  They have the same number of vertebrae in their neck as we do (7).


wow. you made it. Like I said. I overshare my life. But doesn’t that make you like me just a little bit more?

(you don’t have to answer that).

4 thoughts on “25 Things

  1. I like you more and more. The more I learn about you the more I like you. I think that you and I could really be friends in real life. It’s a shame we didn’t talk when we met.

    I really like your theory on #22. I totally agree with you. I tend to over share too. It’s a little scary to share about yourself sometimes because what if they misunderstand you, or what if they judge you, or what if they hate you. I really like communication. This weekend I hung out with some kids that really know how to communicate. Some of them were strangers before the weekend, others were friends already. We communicated a lot this weekend and they are all friends now. And the ones that were friends before I know even better. I love talking with friends and strangers. It’s interesting to learn snippets or gigantic mounds about people.

    #23 My word is snippets. I just used that word and realized that I love it. (partly because I love Kid Snippets.)

    Great post. I think I’m going to go see if I can finish my blog post on Istanbul now.

    Congrats on being within reach of graduation. I still have about a 10 million days til grad.

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