My Bucket List(s)

When people at home act all dramatic about me living in New York City sometimes I’m tempted to sigh and smile.  I usually do actually.  Then I tell them living in THE city is great.  But just like living in Indiana- it becomes normal and fills up with routines and expectations and realities.  And then it doesn’t have to be so dramatic any more.

Well. This week I returned from the corn fields of the midwest and next week my new routine of my final year as a student hits full swing.  (dun. dun. dun.) One of my classmates acted surprised when I said that I’m glad to be back.  But really, I said, it is a bit melodramatic to complain about school starting again when the only thing I’ve ever done as an adult is go to school. (ok. make that- my whole life- since I also went to school as a child.)  Plus. This is my last year. And after this I get to face “reality.”  Which (from what I hear) isn’t that exciting, stable, or predictable.  So.  While I have a lot of decisions to make before this time next year, I don’t have to make them just yet.  Instead, I’m just going to enjoy this stage I’m in. (Well. That’s the plan anyways.)

So. I decided to start my last year out right- by doing some things on my bucket list. (Yes. I have a bucket list.) Three actually.  One for my life. Which I wrote as a teen and really- was rather short-sighted I must say.  One in my head.  Which is more like- an “oh- I’ve always wanted to do that!  Now would be a good time for that!” type list.  And one for New York.  That way if someone visits and we don’t know what to do I look at my list and it gives me ideas.

So what did I do?  Well. First, I flew “home.” Which was interesting. Coming home from home is always interesting. Not the flight itself.  But mentally adjusting.  I realized I had been gone for a while when I thought it was fun to ride the subway.  Don’t worry.  I got over it by the time I hit rush hour in Manhattan.


So I flew back to New York on Labor Day.  And the day after Labor Day I marked an event off my life AND New York bucket lists by going to see a Yankees game. (Not that I specifically had to see the Yankees.  But I did want to see a professional sporting event.  Thanks to my school- I was fortunate enough to see this one for $16!)  All in all- it was a great experience.  I went with my friends so we talked and ate food and laughed through the first several innings and mentally joined the game just in time to see the Yankees make a 5 point 8th inning comeback to win the game!


Then I went to school.  For my last first day ever.  (Not counting the first day of Spring semester that is.)  Needless to say- starting my last year of school is just one step towards finishing my last year of school.  And that is definitely Bucket List worthy.


Later in the week I headed to Long Island City (LIC) to do some exploring. No.  Long Island City isn’t somewhere exotic.  It’s just in Queens, across the river from Manhattan.  Which means it still feels like it’s almost part of Manhattan.  But it’s cleaner.  And has some great views.  I actually went to LIC 2 days with 2 different ‘groups’ of people.  The first day I went with a friend to see a museum. (The museum wasn’t specifically on my bucket list.  But using my school ID to get into museums for free is on my mental bucket list.  As was checking out LIC. So. It was a win.)

We met this nice screen-print graffiti on our way.


And this is the museum we went to.  It is a sculpture museum.  But rock sculptures.  So.  More like… kind of hard to tell what this is supposed to be sculptures.  So.  It’s not typically ‘my kind of art’ (I prefer realism and impressionism.) But. We had fun trying to match the rock sculptures to their pictures on the map.  Plus.  It’s always good to spend time with friends and do things you wouldn’t always choose to do. (well. I’m sure there are exceptions to that always statement.  But anyways.)  Here are the pictures from this adventure:


My friend Shannon.  Trying to see if she measures up to this piece of art. (We thought it looked like a yard stick is all.)


Can you see us?


Then we walked to the pier for a picnic.  That we packed ourselves.  Because we’re good like that.  And because we like views of the city.


So that was day one in LIC.  On day two -two of my friends and one of my friend’s friends and I (haha. good luck figuring that out) went to check out MoMa PS1 (which has been on my mental bucket list since I visited MoMa my first weekend moving here a year ago.)  However, PS1 was closed today.  So instead we checked out 5 Pointz.  Which has also been threatening my mental bucket list since I heard about it last fall.  It turned out to be a pretty cool find.

Basically.  5 Pointz is a building that allows graffiti (with a permit and only during certain hours) in order to promote the urban art of graffiti.  Yay for public art!

How we felt about PS1 being closed today:


Some artists at work:


Yeah.  It’s a pretty big building. ImageImageImage

This one made me think of my parents and their bakery. 🙂 ImageImage

We ended our adventure with another walk to the pier.  This sign is cool because if you are in Manhattan looking across to Queens- one way you can tell it’s Queens and not Brooklyn is to look for the Pepsi sign.  And here it is!Image

And there they are.  The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. (and the United Nations).Image

Yup.  That’s my city.  And yes.  It is pretty different than ‘home.’  But I like it. And I’m glad to be back. Even if it means I have homework to do again. And even if it means that I’m going to have to put my Bucket List on hold for awhile again to get said homework done.  Because, you know, you can do a lot- but you can’t do everything. At least not all at once.

And a final cheesy joke from today (from my friend Kai- who may be even cornier than me):

“How did the hipster burn his tongue?”

“He drank his coffee before it was cool.”

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