First World Problems

You know.

My air conditioner’s refreshing breeze doesn’t extend to my bedroom.

Baskin Robin’s is out of chocolate ice cream during a summer scorcher.

I don’t feel like doing homework when it’s hot.

I don’t feel like doing homework when it’s nice out.

I don’t feel like doing homework when it’s cold.

I don’t feel like walking to the corner store for milk.

I have too many electronics to plug them all into my extension cord.

Something mysterious spilled in our fridge.  My roomie thinks it’s the fridge.  Nobody really knows.

I want to go outside but I don’t want to sweat.

My contacts stick to my eyes if I fall asleep with them in.

The water from our sink is lukewarm.

The memory on my ipad is maxed out and I have to delete apps to download more.

My internet is being slow.

You know. First world problems. Problems you only have because you have something else. Problems you have because you are taking something else for granted. 

Pathetic really.  I agree. How about we all start being a little more thankful for the things that cause the inconveniences in our lives?  Maybe invest in people. Talk about what we are learning. Take the time to learn. And. Most of all.  Appreciate what we have.

I have a friend who always tells us when we are stressed out about a class, “Remember.  There are starving kids dying in Africa right now.”

Sometimes that’s just the perspective I need.

Do What You Can

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