This week has been a pretty ‘chill’ week.

Part 1 of my chill week:
School is actually pretty manageable and speaking Spanish in therapy actually isn’t that scary.  And when I’m having fun at school it makes it a lot easier to have fun with my life.  So. For now, the semester is looking up.  Plus, even though I still have till next spring, I can see the end, which makes me appreciate this time even more- knowing that it won’t last forever.

So. A part of this chill week was that I learned some interesting facts.

Fact Number 1:

In order to swallow a sword you must: take a big breath, close off your airway, line up your mouth with your throat, and relax your lower esophageal sphincter. This will all line up your mouth with your stomach, enabling the sword to go all the way down to your stomach without harm.  Just be sure to remove it before you try to breathe again!  Also, please don’t try this on account of me!

Fact Number 2:

There are 75 dialects of New York City. That said, please don’t ask me if I ‘talk like a new yorker yet.’  I’m having a hard time deciding which dialect to pick.

Fact Number 3:

I am amazed we don’t die more often.  In some of my classes I am learning about the results of strokes, brain injuries, and swallowing problems. If I could describe to you the intricate precision it takes to successfully swallow anything without choking and dying and/or breathing it in your lungs (which causes pneumonia), I would. And then you would understand why I think evolution is an impossible idea and why I think every single breath and swallow we have truly is a miracle. Also. Learning about the brain this semester makes me feel fragile.  Like all my ideas and identity are held together by the tiniest of strings of neurons.  Again, life really is a miracle.

Part II of my chill week:

My schedule this semester allows me to go to school half the week and stay home and do homework the other half of the week.  And staying home is mostly fun.  Especially when I get to wear PJs all day, like I did yesterday.  Good thing I know how to do homework in my PJs.  win. win.

Also. This weekend NYC and the east coast was hit with a blizzard!  Well. That’s what the news says anyways.  But since I didn’t leave the house yesterday it’s hard for me to say.  But I did walk to Jamaica Ave. today and got these pictures:


So, yeah, I’ve hit the part of the semester where ‘normal’ happens.  And I like it.

And since I don’t know how else to end this post. Here. This if for you. 🙂

It made me smile.

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