It has officially been almost exactly a week since I returned to my ‘home’ in NYC. The first two days were spent in a mixture of joy in being back and denial that school was about to start.

And then I went to school.

And discovered that I am officially In Over My Head.

Just to give you a picture of my next semester:

I have class from Monday through Thursday. The earliest time I will get home on those days is… 8 pm. However, half of those days I will not get home until after 10.

And this is not the bad part.

I am taking: Dysphagia, Language Disorders in Adults (which is all about aphasia), Speech and Language Perception and Processing, and Neuroscience and Brain and Behavior. Oh yeah. Plus I have my first client. And I have to give therapy in Spanish.

So. Maybe you are thinking… wow. camille must be really smart or something because I don’t even know what those classes are. Guess what. I don’t either. I have no mental foundation in which to build upon in order to learn (and pass) these classes. Like I said. Over My Head.

So.  Needless to say.  I have been feeling a little. whelmed. overwhelmed in fact.

But then I was reminded that as a Christian I was not called to do comfortable things.  In fact, I have been called to be like Christ, whether my current life obligations make that easy or not.

And so, I’m actually looking forward to this semester.  Because spring break promises many treasured visitors.  Because I live in a wonderful city I get to explore even more.  And because I know, that even though this semester will be hard, I will be a lot smarter when I’m done.  Because, really, it takes hard things to make strong people.

So.  Here’s to a new semester.  Where I get the joy of learning things the hard way.

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