On Coming Home

I’ve done it! For all these years I tried to imagine life in grad school.  I planned and aspired and worked. And now my first semester is over! What a strange and wonderful thing!

And here is a short story about me coming home. To Indiana.

First, I said goodbye to my school, my neighborhood, and my New York. Dear city, you will be missed. Although it was nice to drive my car and not be squished on the train today.


Then I awoke at 3:15 am, drug my suitcases down the stairs, and waited for a friend from church to brace the morning and pick me up to take me to the airport.


This time I was fortunate enough to have a direct flight, which is always nice. However, due to the incoming snow front we experienced some minor turbulence. Which is fine for me. But it was NOT fine for the tiny Dominican lady sitting beside me.  I looked at her half way through my flight as I noticed she was doing an awful lot of squirming. She took this as a cue and dove her head into my shoulder, hiding like a small child from a storm.  When the plane leveled out she glanced up at me in a mix of fear and embarrassment. I told her ‘It’s okay.’ At which point the plane rocked a bit and she took the opportunity to dive into my shoulder again, this time clutching my arm as well.  And so our flight continued.  And with each tousle and roll of the aircraft my new, fragile friend hid in my arm, squeezing it with each three foot plummet.  When we did have a period of only minor cabin pressure changes she was able to sit up and talk with me about her fear of flying.  In Spanish of course.  I did mention she was from the DR right?

So.  All in all it was a nice experience as I was able to tell her that I believe in God and know He had that aircraft in his control.

However, I did learn that my Spanish is a bit…. limited. Do you know how to say: wings, landing gear, wheels, or air pressure? yeah…. need to work on that. I also mistakenly used the verb for ‘to climb’ instead of ‘to jump.’ Sigh. I’m sure that story was confusing.

And when we landed I helped her find her connecting flight to Seattle and went to collect my luggage and wait on the curb for my ride, who I thought would be some person in my family.

And seeing this on my way out reminded me it’s almost Christmas!


Well, I didn’t have to wait long at the curb before a little VW Rabbit pulled up (which I ignored because no one in my family has a VW) and my dear friend Stephanie got out and confronted me (much to my surprise!)

So the rest of my day was spent in Chicago (which I wasn’t planning but definitely enjoyed).

We had ‘breakfast’ at Cafe Rom and wasted the day away talking.

The beginning:


The company:Image

The end:Image

The city:  Chicago is pretty different than New York- but I still love it.


And now I’m home.  For a big fat month.  And I’m choosing to view this as a vacation from real life rather than an awkward disruption.

Plus, I survived the end of the world today.  This Christmas break is lookin up!

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