Urban Arts Awareness Week

This week was dubbed (by me) to be “Urban Arts Awareness Week” or UAAW. just kidding. I never called it that. But I did walk around like a tourist with my eyes wide open looking for art.

By definition this art could not be funded by the government- I was looking for art as an expression of creativity and identity.  Sadly, most of my neighborhood’s “art” involves “gang tagging” which does qualify since it does demonstrate identity- but isn’t meant for public enjoyment.

So, while I didn’t find any wheat paste or yarn bombing (some urban art staples apparently) I did find some things on my daily commute.  In the process I decided that urban art can use a minimum of three mediums.

The first is music. I heard a total of 3 musical acts in the subway this week. Two were good, one was weird. But I didn’t get any pictures.

The second is fashion.  One thing that’s nice about New York is that there are so many people you don’t have to feel like you need to look like ‘everyone else.’  This lady is taking full advantage of that: (sorry about the glare. it was unavoidable.)


And finally, we have actual painted street art:

As seen from my train stop/ride (Crime style):Image


I’m assuming that since we don’t have trees we carve on subways.  If that’s not the reason, I don’t know what is.


I found these jellyfish on my commute one morning when we got stuck ‘b/c of train traffic ahead.’ It pays to look out your windows.


Columbia style urban art: (found on or near campus)



And one of my favorites- Cypress Hills style. This little guy can be found all around town. And he always makes me smile. Though I’m not sure that’s the purpose for him.




In other news- I’m going home for a month of Christmas break in 4 days. In the mean time- I’m studying for finals. And when I don’t feel like studying for finals I play w/ my little rubber animals (which I got for therapy b/c they are so fun). Just a little FYI.


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