10 Things Worth Stumbling Into

New York is a great place to stumble upon great things.  Here’s a list of my top 10 favorite things I’ve found so far.

10. Children

Seeing children is a treat to me since I don’t live with any but am learning so much about their development in school.  However, they rank lowest on my list because sometimes they are not nice.  I prefer interactive and obedient ones.  Ones that smile.  Or chatter to each other in languages I don’t know.  I prefer not to hear screaming.  What I hate most about seeing children misbehaving is the consistent example of bad parenting that I often see with it.  Slapping, glaring, and threatening make me scared, and I’m not even the one they are talking to.  These are not fun situations to stumble upon.

9. Rush Hour

You think this is full?

No. THIS is fuller.

And this is what I see every day, minus the coats.  In fact, I waited 6 minutes for a train today, only to wait another 4 minutes because the train was too full to possibly squeeze myself in there.  (Meaning, fuller than the above picture- because in that picture at least 3 more people could fit in the doorway.) Lesson learned- I need to be a more proactive rush hour rider.  So, I don’t like to be in trains like this.  But I love to see them, especially as I sit in my train across the platform.  Those squished people just look so silly.

8. Tourists

I usually love to see tourists as well (unless they make me miss my train like they did today because they are walking soooooo slow.  It’s like following a lady going the speed limit when you’re late for work.)  But what I love about tourists is the atmosphere they bring with them.  Something about their ‘innocence’ and wonder makes me smile and want to ask, “Are you lost?” and “How do you like the city?”

Some tourists are easy to spot and are found mostly near big attractions:

others are no soooo obvious but one of them always has a map:

7. Monuments

I love to stumble upon monuments.  They are usually recognizable from movies (this one can be seen in August Rush) and speak of times gone by.  It’s ALMOST like being connected to history.  Especially the one by my school that commemorates George Washington’s Battle in Harlem.


6. Urban Art

These things usually surprise me, as I’m not expecting them, and they always make my day.

This is Alice from Alice in Wonderland trying to exit the 50th street train station:

More from The Way Out by Liliana Porter at the 50th Street 1 train subway station. Alice even looks behind the tiles at the train station, cause you know, she’s curious like that. Maybe she’s trying to find her unlimited metrocard?<br /> Photography by Ruddy Harootian


And I was happy to find this randomly because.. Image

Once upon a time when my friend Steph and I visited Philly last year we purposely visited “love fountain” because it is a tourist attraction.  We were disappointed to find out how small it is.  Hence, my pride in discovering NY has a better Love sign than the city of brotherly love.

The sign in Philly:

5. Performing Artists

My favorite so far- a tango dancer in Washington Square.  My least favorite- old men in the subway singing songs I don’t know off key while shaking their tip jar.

4. Street Fairs

We found this one in Little Italy.  Pizza and canolis on the street?  Yes, please.


3. Waffle Stands

If you ever see this truck anywhere, buy something from them.  They have the BEST fresh waffles.  I had mine with.. ice cream and hot fudge. ❤

2. City Views

I’m not saying I’ll NEVER get tired of seeing the skyline or tall buildings of the city, but I haven’t so far.


1. Languages

When you live in a city that represents the majority of the world’s population, you are bound to hear some pretty magical stuff.  Music to my ears.

Does that make you want to visit me?  I hope so. 🙂

** Yes, some of these pictures are from the internet and not original with me.  I’m sorry if they are yours.  I just needed a picture to make my blog more interesting and yours was better than mine.**

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