Same. Same. But different.

My old commuting scenery. ImageImageMy new commuting scenery.
ImageImageMy old campus.
ImageImageMy new campus.
Columbia’s Main lawn:ImageTeachers College, Columbia University (My part of campus):ImageInside TC (Teachers College) (Sometimes I walk around this 125 year old building and think, “Wow! Cool!” Then I remember how much I’m paying to go here, and wonder why we don’t get personal butlers.)
ImageA view from the courtyard:Image
My old city.
ImageMy new city.
As seen from The Top of the Rock(efeller Center)
ImageImageMy old road to home.
ImageMy new road to home.
ImageAnd this is a picture of me that I took on the first day of class, sitting in my school courtyard.


So.  Some things have really changed for me. But as you can see, I’m loving it here (so far).  So even though “New Yorkers” say ‘stand on line’ instead of ‘stand in line,’ and sometimes I’m the only white person in my subway car, and I have to borrow a car to get my groceries, and I do my laundry in a public facility, so even though so much of my life is totally different than it was even three weeks ago, I have come to find that there is something very peaceful and energizing about being where you are meant to be.

Which reminds me.

On Sunday in church our guest speaker reminded us that when Moses faced God in the burning bush and asked “Who am I to take this message to Egypt?” God said, “I will be with you.”  That’s a promise friends. It really doesn’t matter who you are, it is Christ in you that makes everything possible, even moving 700 miles from home and starting something new.

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