My New Home

I have been officially living in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, New York City, New York for one week now.  I guess it’s time for the customary ‘this is where I live” pictures.  Enjoy!

Let’s start at the front door. 254 Ridgewood!


Up to the third floor…


Into the living room/ dining room.Image

follow that door into the kitchen


the oven is to the right and the fridge is to the left

Here’s the view from my kitchen window:


And the view from my window:


Obviously- I don’t look out my own window as often as I look out the kitchen window.

And when I leave my house?

This is my street:


And my neighborhood- as seen from my subway train stop:


And here comes my train!


There. Now you know where I live. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to visit!

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