The LONG Post about Moving.

I have officially moved.  The 14 hours have been driven, the entire contents of my room were sprinted up to my 3rd floor apartment, and then, ceremoniously unpacked.  There were a few minor inconveniences along the way: waiting 45 minutes for a accident to be cleaned up in Ohio so we could progress to NY, those a fore mentioned flights of stairs to my apartment that made emptying the van tiring, and the fact that the frame of my bed was broken in the moving process and we had to make an unscheduled visit to a man in the church to get it welded back together.  However, having my 16 year old sister along made all the moving easier as she was always willing to do the extra running about that needed to be done.  Plus, my dad greatly enjoyed his visit to the welder, so it’s good we had a reason to go.  And, I can’t really complain about the accident as I was not the one who suffered most in the situation.

So this all happened on Friday and Saturday.  But the days leading up to this event were a whirlwind of “lasts for a longtime.”

I had my last visit to the grandparent’s


last visit from the grandparents (this set I won’t see until next spring as they will soon be heading to Florida)


then, of course, the last family dinner, complete with family portraits, chatting on the deck, and piggy-back rides.


and then- one final fro-yo visit with stephie.


and then I was gone. and now I’m here.


I’ve already been to: church, the laundry mat, times square, the brooklyn bridge, china town, and grand central station.  I’ve already eaten: my share of ice cream, some great local pizza, and bagels. And I’ve spent more than my fair share of time on the MTA (subway).

So.. I’m moved. and I’m in the process of becoming a “New Yawker.”  I’ll have to get back with you on how that’s going. Speaking of which- orientation is tomorrow. and Wednesday- starts class.

Sometimes I forget that I’m here for school- not just the ‘city experience,’ but then I read my syllabus and remember.

3 thoughts on “The LONG Post about Moving.

  1. Isn’t is astonishing how those syllabi can come and simply whack you in the head, knock over all those lofty dreams and some of the gathering excitement about learning once again? Some days I think I’d like to write syllabi, just to scare the poor unsuspecting students. Good luck with your new life! I think it sounds pleasantly exciting.

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